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    18 Facts About The Actual "Titanic" Tragedy That Are Just As Compelling As The Film

    The ship, not the James Cameron movie.

    1. The Titanic’s sinking killed more than half of its passengers.

    2. The remains of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean will most likely disappear by the year 2030.

    3. The first movie about the Titanic tragedy was made in 1912, the same year it sank. It was called Saved From the Titanic and actually starred one of its survivors.

    4. Germany also made a Titanic film in 1943 during World War II. It was meant to serve as propaganda against American and British capitalism, and blamed the ship's sinking on greed.

    5. The Titanic’s shipwrecked remains were actually found as the result of a top-secret Cold War military mission in 1985.

    6. Only one first-class child didn't survive the sinking.

    7. There were so many dead bodies in the water that the first ship sent to retrieve them ran out of embalming fluid and could take only 306 back to land.

    8. The co-owner of Macy's department store, Isidor Straus, was a passenger on the Titanic when it sank. He and his wife, Ida, refused to be separated and died together on the ship.

    9. There was a plan proposed in 1986 to raise the Titanic from the ocean by filling it with 180,000 tons of Vaseline.

    10. The Titanic had fewer lifeboats than were required because of outdated safety regulations.

    11. Benjamin Guggenheim, of the wealthy Guggenheim family, was aboard the Titanic when it sank. He died dressed in his finest clothes so he and his staff could "go down like gentlemen."

    12. The scene in Cameron's Titanic where the band plays on deck while the boat sinks is based on true events. The real-life Titanic band actually played for more than two hours after the ship hit the iceberg, in the midst of chaos and panic as passengers boarded lifeboats.

    13. A first-class passenger, Ann Elizabeth Isham, was already in a lifeboat when she decided to get back on the sinking ship to retrieve her beloved Great Dane. They died together in the water.

    14. On the Titanic submarine expedition in 1985, they found a number of perfectly preserved shoes throughout the ship's remains. The bodies had decomposed and their skeletons had decalcified, leaving only the shoes.

    15. None of the Titanic's engineers survived its sinking. All 35 remained on the ship to keep the power on so they could send distress signals and reduce panic among passengers.

    16. About a month after the Titanic sank, a lifeboat with three corpses inside was found about 300 miles away from the original site.

    17. A priest aboard the ship when it hit the iceberg refused to board a lifeboat so he could take confessions, help others onto lifeboats, and pray. His body was never recovered.

    18. And finally, in 2017, research emerged that it wasn't just an iceberg that sank the Titanic but also a fire that damaged the ship and was covered up by the company that built it.