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    19 Times 2000s Fashion Was An Actual Marvel

    Think you understand physics? Think again.

    1. When Christina Aguilera thought that tiny chain around her torso would save her.

    2. When Lindsay Lohan wanted to show off her bikini tan line.

    3. When Keira Knightley's goal was to show as much of her torso as possible.

    4. When Jennifer Lopez put all her faith in that delicate little sparkle belt.

    5. When Mischa Barton chose to rock these velvet capris.

    6. When Ashlee Simpson wanted to show off just her hip bones and nothing else.

    7. When Britney Spears broke the record for shortest inseam ever worn.

    8. When Tara Reid flew dangerously close to the sun.

    9. And then flew even closer.

    10. When Kirsten Dunst wanted to channel business casual, with emphasis on the casual.

    11. And Hilary Duff followed suit.

    12. When Rihanna's jeans didn't let the fact that they'd slipped past her undies deter them.

    13. Just look at that sheer fortitude.

    14. When Britney was like, "Eh, I don't need a button."

    15. And then Paris Hilton was like, "I don't need a button OR a zipper."

    16. "Like, seriously, who needs them???"

    17. And Jennifer Lopez was like, "I agree!"

    18. And Pink was like, "Hold my beer."

    19. To be honest, I don't think Pink was afraid of anything back then.

    BONUS: When Paris Hilton wore this to the MTV Movie Awards.

    IN CONCLUSION: Low-rise jeans were a slap in the face to modern physics and a true scientific marvel. Try and change my mind.