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    This TikTok Trend Where People Act Out The Plots Of Movies To "Hannah Montana" Transitions Has Me Questioning My IMDb Membership

    WHY does this work so well???

    IDK about you, but quarantine has me watching a lot of movies, and A LOT of TikTok.


    So you can imagine my delight at this TikTok trend where people act out the plots of different movies to the transition music from Hannah Montana! You know the kind I'm talking about:

    It's weird, but the music is pretty perfect. It captures the emotional roller coaster that is Twilight:

    @imsensitivepleasebenice / Via

    And the highs and lows of Midsommar and Hereditary, for any horror fans out there:

    @kendallwhitmire / Via

    Saw @kendallwhitmire do this for midsommar lol ##fyp ##foryou ##hereditary

    ♬ original sound - astapasta3
    @liamgbullock / Via

    People are even doing deep cuts like the iconic DCOM Luck of the Irish! And yet, the music still slaps/fits right in:

    @j.a.r.t / Via

    So yeah, guess I'll be checking TikTok whenever I need to know the plot of a random movie from now on. IMDb? I don't know her.


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