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    People On TikTok Are DIYing Expensive Clothes And The Results Are Uncanny

    Should I buy a sewing machine???

    I think we can all agree that online shopping is great...

    ...but also, pretty damn expensive sometimes.

    That's basically how a lot of people on TikTok felt, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. And lemme tell you, it's something straight out of Project Runway and I CANNOT stop watching.

    This person saw a $182 shirt from Reformation and said, "Nah, I've got a PILLOWCASE."


    diy-ing this $182 reformation top for free with a pillowcase that was going to get donated! #reformation #sewing #sewinghacks #diy

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    These painted jeans look just as cool, if not COOLER than the original.


    I stayed up till 3am painting for these dumb pants 🐄 #fyp #paintedjeans #cowprint

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    This person took a blanket and made the fluffy purse of their dreams.


    it’s not exactly the same pattern but i think it’s still cute 🥺 #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #style #outfits #handmade

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    And so did this person!!!

    This TikToker said, "$150 for a crop top? Not today, Satan."


    $150 top for $14 (pls ignore my pasties😭) #sewing #diy #ArtSkills #fyp

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    Two-toned jeans? Not a problem.

    This DIYer's dress belongs on a runway, STAT.

    These Nike socks got transformed into a trendy top that absolutely slaps.

    These jeans are a work of art and you can't tell me otherwise.

    This TikToker created a fit that's so badass I can barely even comprehend it.


    Gloves are harder to sew than I thought 😖 although, I birthed a bad bitch fit #fyp #sewing

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    This genius took a hammer to her jeans instead of spending major $$$, and the results are *chef's kiss.*


    Reworked some vintage Calvin Klein denim to make my own crossover jeans #greenscreen#rework#reworked#diy#thriftflip#sewing#fyp#homeproject

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    And finally, this absolute visionary took a TRADER JOE'S TOTE BAG and made it haute couture!!!


    hopefully y'all think it looks good but I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING THAT IM WEARING A TJ'S TOTE BAG KFENDKW #thriftflip #diy #sewing #cottagecore

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    Me, considering if I should get a sewing machine and attend design school: