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17 Things Gen Z Does That Millennials Actually Find Really Embarrassing

You might use makeup to make dark circles under your eyes, but we have those ✨naturally.✨

In case you didn't know, Gen Z has started coming for lots of millennial trends, but millennials aren't having it. Here are the things Gen Z'ers do that millennials will never find cool:

1. Wearing their hair in a middle part instead of a side part:

2. Doing TikTok dances every chance they get:

Why do Gen Z kids do tiktok dances in the most random places? I was witnessing a whole dance off while waiting in line at a grocery store

Twitter: @brownnipgal

3. Also, just literally dancing every chance they get:

why the heck do gen z kids dance when we’re having a normal conversation 😭😭😭😭😭

4. Doing this every time they think something's funny:

5. Living life only for the ✨aesthetic✨:

why does gen z turn everything into an aesthetic

6. Also, using the sparkles emoji for ✨emphasis✨ every chance they get:

why does gen z type like ✨this✨ now

Twitter: @quartoporto2

7. Doing the 👉motion every time they open their mouths:


this is how we’ve all become #fyp

♬ original sound - Mohamad Zoror

8. Documenting themselves crying:

Why does gen z take videos & pics of themselves when they’re crying??? 🤣

9. Hanging lights along their ceiling for the ~vibes~:

why does gen z have those pink lights along the rim of their ceiling

Twitter: @oliviagatwood

10. Keeping their IG grids completely bare:

Why do gen z kids always have a max of 3 photos on Instagram

11. And also claiming they're "public figures" on IG:

ok why do gen z kids reach 1000 insta followers and immediately gotta put “public figure” in their bio lmao go study for your Algebra I final or sumthin bb

Twitter: @LindseyMasonx

12. Having the audacity to refer to yoga pants as "flare leggings":


i rue the day when gauchos come back in style... what will they be called then?

♬ original sound - meg

13. Claiming emo as their own when it was us who invented it and lived to tell the tale:

what gen z what it thinks the emo actually phase looked like looked like

14. Faking dark circles under their eyes because ?????:

15. Shaming anyone born before 1997:

why do gen z have a weird age complex? they really be making people feel bad for turning 25 it’s weird

Twitter: @markruffaloTD

16. Insisting they're the main character:

My cousin said rona didn’t kill her cause she’s a main character...I can’t with Gen Z

17. And finally, telling us what to do when they literally ate Tide Pods:


#stitch with @mollietrainor y’all ate tide pods. I’ll part my hair on the side and wear skinny jeans. Enjoy the 90s fashion rn. 😂 youre welcome.

♬ original sound - Taylor Rains

Me, a millennial caught in the middle of the Gen Wars, wanting us all to just get along:

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