21 Outfits From "The O.C." That Are So 2000s It Actually Hurts

    So many shrugs and skinny scarves.

    1. Summer's long-sleeved dress and blue eyeshadow from the pilot.

    2. Marissa's polo and paisley skirt:

    3. Summer's bandana, pink halter, and hoop earrings:

    4. Literally all of Anna's messenger-boy caps:

    5. Alex's hair pouf, complete with a bright purple streak:

    6. Marissa's rainbow-striped hoodie, jean skirt, and pointed-flats combo:

    7. Summer's mustard-yellow Juicy tracksuit that was PEAK 2000s loungewear:

    8. And also, Julie Cooper's baby-pink Juicy tracksuit that paved the way for Regina George's mom in Mean Girls:

    9. All of the VESTS happening here:

    10. Marissa's tweed, orange, puffy-sleeved blazer with matching cami and giant brown bag:

    11. Speaking of blazers, Anna's white blazer over a "Texas Is for Lovers" T-shirt, complete with checkered cuff.

    12. Summer's lingerie tank top with super-long macramé necklace and...whatever Marissa had going on over there.

    13. Marissa's silk halter top and cargo pants:

    14. Summer's crocheted bathing suit and jean skirt:

    15. Marissa's microscopic pink scarf:

    16. Anytime Taylor decided to tie a sweater around her shoulders.

    17. Summer's and Marissa's prom looks that I once thought were so elegant but now seem...questionable at best:

    18. Marissa's cowl-neck top and ruffly pink miniskirt:

    19. Seth's and Anna's golf outfits:

    20. Marissa's brown cami that basically said, "You know what this needs? A blue belt wrapped around the shoulders."

    21. And finally, Marissa's teeny-tiny crocheted shrug and yellow top with turquoise trim:

    Ahhh, the tacky 2000s, forever in our hearts...just like The O.C.!