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18 Tattoo Fails That Prove It's Important To Do Your Research

Love fades, but misspelled tattoos are forever.

1. This tattoo that's a sweet sentiment and also a hilarious misunderstanding:

2. This tattoo that aged like rotten milk:

3. This tattoo that proves online reviewers can't be trusted:

4. This squiggly moon that's basically the definition of "you get what you pay for":

5. This tattoo that's honestly just a real bummer:

6. This unintentionally "sexy" tattoo:

7. This tattoo that takes on a whole different meaning when the shorts come down:

8. This tattoo that will be on someone's skin FOUR-forever:

9. This tattoo that came with extra ink, free of charge:

10. This jellyfish that bears a striking resemblance to...something else:

11. This person's heartfelt homage to their "daugthther":

12. This tattoo that proves we're not all artists:

13. This expectation that REALLY didn't live up to reality:

14. This tattoo that demonstrates the crucial difference between "Q" and "G":

15. This compass that has me lost every time I read it:

16. This tattoo that could've used another once-over before ink was put to skin:

17. This tattoo that gets the point across despite the questionable word order:

18. And finally, this sweet homage to "Tucker":

H/T: r/Wellthatsucks and r/CrappyDesign.