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    16 Tattoo Fails That Are Almost Too Unfortunate To Be Funny

    Always proofread.

    1. This tattoo that def put a little damper on the wedding:

    2. This "tttoo" to commemorate the nightmare that the last two years have been:

    3. This tattoo that became absolutely useless in a matter of days:

    4. This constellation of dots...I mean, stars:

    5. This tattoo that REALLY didn't translate well:

    6. This tattoo that cost Mario his left hand:

    7. This tattoo that made me question my sense of direction:

    8. This tattoo that was supposed to be a heartfelt statement, but ended up being an important question:

    9. This tattoo that did NOT live up to expectations:

    10. This tattoo with a sneaky typo that really took away from inspiration:

    11. This tattoo that accidentally toed the line between sweet and problematic:

    12. This tattoo that gave a cute spider an extra limb:

    13. This tattoo trend that's a perfect example of "Google first, get tattooed later":

    14. This tattoo that clearly no one made the "choise" to proofread:

    15. This tattoo that's just one big word-jumble-y mystery:

    16. And finally, this tattoo that took on a whole new meaning thanks to straps:

    What's your funniest tattoo fail? Share it in the comments!

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks