15 Screenshots That Prove Just How Impossible It Is To Pay Off Student Loans In America

    Cancel it. Now.

    1. Gotta love it when you see the company sucking you dry bragging about their success:

    2. Need to finally pay off those pesky student debts? Just eat at an amusement park for six years:

    3. This ad really said, "Better choose a major that pays well or you'll have loans until you die."

    4. Make it make sense:

    5. Simply put your body on the line for nine months and then give birth to someone else's child and BOOM! Debt free:

    6. Not down with the birth part? Simply donate your eggs instead!!!

    7. Or, you can always beg a beer company to pay off your loans for you:

    8. Proof that student debt is a family affair:

    9. Here's a joke that'll make every college graduate laugh through their tears:

    10. Either die in debt or join the armed forces, there is no in-between:

    11. The ultimate life hack:

    12. An even better life hack:

    13. This chilling headline that just screams "America" in so many ways:

    14. Proof that the "just get a better paying job!!!" argument is basically a moot point:

    15. And finally, an uplifting look at where a whole year of consistently paying off your loans can get you:

    A statement showing a year's worth of student loan payments that only went to the interest

    h/t: r/ABoringDystopia