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    18 Photos That Prove The Matrix Is Real And It Definitely Has Glitches

    What is reality, anyway?

    1. This bottle cap that defied the laws of gravity:

    Would’ve stayed stuck like this forever, until room mate flicked it. from GlitchInTheMatrix

    2. This lightning that not only struck upside down but also mimicked the tree next to it:

    Lightning bolt last night outside of my church from pics

    3. These clouds that didn't calibrate their settings properly:

    The clouds failed to render from GlitchInTheMatrix

    4. And these clouds that glitched right in the middle:

    I see your circular cloud and your square cloud and raise you a cloud with a square hole in it. from GlitchInTheMatrix

    5. This streetlight that cast a pixelated shadow:

    The shadows aren't rendering properly from GlitchInTheMatrix

    6. This rug that appeared in the simulation and also the simulation within the simulation:

    I found my rug in the Call of Duty map “Azhir Cave” from pics

    7. This cat that apparently only had a few poses installed:

    Found a glitch while scrolling on facebook pictures of cats from GlitchInTheMatrix

    8. This tree that didn't finish loading:

    This tree started to render itself differently halfway from GlitchInTheMatrix

    9. This glitch that melded a man's shirt with this chair:

    Chair texture fails to render from GlitchInTheMatrix

    10. This man who watched his future self pay at the register:

    I see the future from GlitchInTheMatrix

    11. This dog's tail that's another dog:

    Dog spawn gone wrong from GlitchInTheMatrix

    12. This classroom download that rendered a few too many students:

    Triple layer from GlitchInTheMatrix

    13. This glitch that already provided the cigarettes and lighter:

    Went out to smoke at my normal spot and found the same pack and same lighter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ from GlitchInTheMatrix

    14. These pixelated peels that couldn't get themselves to focus:

    My peeler gives pixelated looking peels from mildlyinteresting

    15. This sky that wouldn't load, and this building that only kinda loaded:

    Rendering Error from GlitchInTheMatrix

    16. This tree that barely looked tethered to reality:

    Eastern redbud looks out of focus from confusing_perspective

    17. This snowfall that failed to cover the proper amount of ground:

    Snow only fell in a small line in Oregon from GlitchInTheMatrix

    18. And finally, these two run-ins where a memory card probably got wiped somewhere along the way:

    Met Keanu Reeves once when I was 14, and again when I was 17. Oddly enough, Neo was wearing the same t-shirt both times. from GlitchInTheMatrix

    H/T: r/glitchinthematrix.

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