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Shay Mitchell Did The "Baby Mama" Dance At 9 Months Pregnant And Put Every Single One Of Us To Shame

Meanwhile, I groan getting up off the couch.

In case you didn't know, Shay Mitchell (actress, model, dancer, cheekbone connoisseur) is currently pregnant.

She's VERY pregnant, as a matter of fact. So at nine months, Shay decided to take matters into her own hands and uploaded a video of her doing the "Baby Mama Dance" to her YouTube channel in the hopes that it might help induce labor.

And believe me when I say: Ms. Shay Mitchell puts๐Ÿ‘ Us๐Ÿ‘All๐Ÿ‘To๐Ÿ‘ SHAME ๐Ÿ‘ in this video.

She shows off her belly in a super cute sparkle top...

She dances with her boo*...


She serves up some fierce Flashdance-style posing...

And after all that, she TAKES WELL-DESERVED PIZZA BREAK.๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

Lemme reiterate real fast that Shay is 9 months pregnant. Meanwhile, I couldn't dance that well even if I tried. I groan getting up off the couch, TBH. I watched this from the comfort of my office chair, and STILL got winded and out of breath.

Wanna see it it in all its glory? Watch the entire video here.

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