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    These 17 Screenshots Prove That US Medical Debt Is Going To Crush Us All

    So my insurance covers absolutely nothing — got it.

    If you're lucky enough to live in the US, then you know our healthcare system is a total nightmare. But, in case you don't live in the US or just need a refresher, here are 17 screenshots as proof that we're all suffering over here (and still need to pay our deductible):

    1. In the US, health insurance is tied to your employment, so good luck quitting a job you hate:

    2. Also, it's your job to check what's covered by your insurance and what isn't before heading to the doctor. Sorry!!!

    A notice regarding health insurance for lab tests

    3. Having insurance is a must, but it also doesn't help half the time:

    "And he still can't afford his necessary surgery."

    4. A five-minute ambulance ride? That'll be $4,500:

    Total due for an ambulance ride

    5. Staying in the hospital for multiple days often means a lifetime of debt:

    6. And sometimes, medical bills will quadruple for no apparent reason:

    Showing a new balance of someone's health bill

    7. Wanna hold the baby you just gave birth to? That'll be $39.95:

    8. Oh, and HAVING the baby will set you back about $30k:

    Someone's medical bill

    9. Insurance covering your medication right off the bat? That'd be too easy!!!

    "Often, the alternative is simply a generic version of a brand-name drug."

    10. Also, be prepared to wait eons for your stupid expensive doc appointment:

    A sign saying the doctor will be back in an hour

    11. Depending on what you need, your medical provider could bill up to $3 million — yes, THREE MILLION DOLLARS:

    A medical bill in the millions

    12. Be prepared to argue about what care is considered "cosmetic" or not — and still owe $100,000:

    A medical bill

    13. Imagine getting THIS text at 8 a.m. on Christmas morning:

    A text from a medical provider with someone's balance

    14. And after all that, don't forget to tip your doctor's office!

    A screen with an option to tip the doctor's office

    15. Think this is just about medical insurance? Don't worry, dental insurance is just as bad:

    A dental bill

    16. Even after you've died, the bills keep coming:

    A bill for someone who is deceased

    17. But don't worry, sometimes there are some pretty SWEET discounts:

    A small discount on someone's medical bill

    Would love some of that universal healthcare any day now.

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating and r/antiwork