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    16 Roommates Who Need A Crash Course In How To Live With Other People

    Living alone is such a privilege.

    1. This roommate who probably didn't even offer to replace the TV:

    2. These roommates who I'm guessing haven't opened the fridge in months (or years???):

    3. This roommate who couldn't be bothered to take the two seconds to wipe down the sink:

    4. This roommate who probably doesn't vacuum all that often:

    5. This roommate who just couldn't keep their hands to themself:

    6. This roommate who definitely didn't get their security deposit back:

    7. These roommates who have probably never touched a sponge in their lives:

    8. This roommate who could easily...just...wash all the dirty dishes:

    9. This roommate who woke up and chose chaos:

    10. This new roommate who simply couldn't be bothered:

    11. This roommate who reached a new level of petty:

    12. This roommate who did their little project and then said, "I'm done":

    13. This roommate who "doesn't watch TV":

    14. This roommate who really went above and beyond:

    15. This roommate who...I actually have no words:

    16. And finally, this roommate who literally put someone's life at risk during a global pandemic: