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    28 People Who Stepped Into A Restaurant And Took The Words "Rude" And "Entitled" To A Whole New Level

    The nerve.

    1. This person who decided it was a good time to release their stinky toes:

    2. This person who took it even further and applied some FOOT POWDER:

    3. These people who felt that their gender reveal fail was someone else's problem:

    4. This person who clearly never matured past the age of 5:

    5. This person who decided it would be fun to harass restaurant workers during a pandemic:

    6. These people who saw no issue with releasing feces into the dining room (and onto the table where they were eating??):

    7. These people who abused the urinals so much, management had to release a PSA:

    8. These people who I know for a fact are way too old to be flinging their boogers everywhere:

    9. This person who expected a free meal simply because they thought they were an influencer:

    10. This person who would've been better off putting nothing in the tip jar and just going home:

    11. This group of people who didn't tip, but DID take the time to unfairly criticize:

    12. This person who obviously didn't care what they left on the table for their server to clean up:

    13. This person that I actually have no words for:

    14. Every single one of these people who felt that pushing their agendas was more important than giving their server money to feed themselves:

    15. This person who actually took the time to type up this condescending card, keep it in their wallet, and then hand it to their server:

    16. These people who not only didn't tip but also left a snarky message because their server didn't want to break the law:

    17. This person who didn't like the manager, so they took it out on their server (???):

    18. This person who found their server on social media and sexually harassed them for no reason:

    19. These people who thought a return policy was an invitation to complain their way to a free meal:

    20. This person who threw a tantrum because they had to wait more than 10 minutes for their check:

    21. This person who took time out of their day to be disrespectful and racist:

    22. These people who really thought it was a cute idea to take their child to a restaurant so they could raise hell:

    23. And this person who thought it would be cute to use parenthood as an excuse not to tip (yet still go out to eat):

    24. This person who shaved an entire part of their body in the bathroom and then DIDN'T WASH IT DOWN THE SINK:

    25. This person who really brought his entire gaming setup and sat there for half a day:

    26. These people who probably think this sick little game is hilarious:

    27. These people who actually forced a business to close because they couldn't control themselves: