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16 People Who Woke Up, Went To A Restaurant, And Acted Like The World Revolved Around Them

Petition to give all restaurant workers a raise, ASAP.

1. This person who decided it was a good time to release their stinky toes:

Displaying your bare feet in a restaurant from trashy

2. This person who clearly never matured past the age of 5:

This is what someone left at a buffet because they were mad they found 2 dirty plates and were asked to wear a mask from trashy

3. This person who decided it would be fun to harass restaurant workers during a pandemic:

This woman’s father has money. In her spare time she goes to restaurants (wasted) and causes a scene about wearing a mask. This time she pushed a waitress and contaminated other ppls food. from trashy

4. These people who abused the urinals so much, management had to release a PSA:

For when the problem is so bad that you have to post a sign about it from trashy

5. This person who expected a free meal simply because they thought they were an ~influencer~:

Yelper is mad because restaurant didn't them free meal in exchange for potential IG exposure from trashy

6. This person who would've been better off putting nothing in the tip jar and just going home:

Tipping with an IOU from trashy

7. This person who obviously didn't care what they left on the table for their server to clean up:

Leaving your used bandaid for your server to clean up during a pandemic. from trashy

8. This person who REALLY thought they were being funny:

Here's a TIP, it's trashy as hell to leave fake money as a tip that advertises your candidate. from trashy

9. This person who actually took the time to type up this condescending card, keep it in their wallet, and then hand it to their server:

A friend of mine is a server and received this. from trashy

10. These people who not only didn't tip, they also left a snarky message because their server didn't want to break the law:

My friend waited on two underage kids who tried to order drinks. Stiffing servers has always made someone a bad person, but during a pandemic when benefits have run out and restaurant employees are struggling more than they already did? Despicable. from trashy

11. These people who think a return policy is an invitation to complain your way to a free meal:

People abusing the generous return policy at my local Chinese food restaurant from trashy

12. These people who really thought it was a cute idea to take their child to a restaurant so they could raise hell:

Parents bragging on Facebook about their kid's awful behavior while out to dinner at a restaurant. from trashy

13. This person who shaved an entire part of their body in the bathroom and then DIDN'T WASH IT DOWN THE SINK:

Thank you to whoever decided they would shave in the sink (AT A RESTAURANT) and leave it like this. Believe it or not this isn’t even the first time someone has bathed, hotboxed,shaved, rolled blunts,etc in our bathroom and just left. from trashy

14. This person who really brought his entire gaming setup and sat there for half a day:

Well...He took the word "camper" to a whole new level. from trashy

15. These people who probably think this sick little game is hilarious:

Lets TeAsE oUr WaItEr like that can WAIT for that SHIT from trashy

16. And finally, this person, who apparently thought spreading a deadly virus during a global pandemic was a small price to pay for some chips and guac:

This was posted in as restaurant facebook group from trashy

h/t: r/Trashy