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18 Men Who Clearly Fell Asleep The Day They Decided To Cover Female Anatomy In School

Being breastfed doesn't "turn you into a lesbian," FYI.

1. This man who thinks every single woman should look the way they do in porn:

Tell me porn has rotted your brain without telling me porn has rotted your brain: A long comment about how "most female human specimens look terrible naked because clothes usually hide the weird things," and "titties" are pointy or flat and asses are big

2. This man who thinks women and girls shouldn't use tampons until "a large penis has punctured their hymn" (excuse me???):

First-time dad says "pads, pads, pads," and tampons are for later teens "after a large penis has punctured the hymn and they now need a cork for the leak instead of a pad for the drip"

3. This man who thinks women shouldn't menstruate in the first place, and if they do, it's to "clean their wombs" of "radiation":

Comment: Menstruation "is your womb cleaning itself monthly from all the acidic foods, neurotoxins, and radiation," and "for all y'all white recessive females that contain nethernadal DNA," "my ancient Afrikan ancestors did not menstruate"

4. This man who thinks that when women lose their virginity (which is a social construct, btw), it causes their hips and vaginas to widen:

"When a female loses her virginity, she produces a hormone that opens the vagina," and because women go with bigger and more men, their bodies think they're losing their virginity repeatedly, so girls are being born with extra hormones and aren't virgins

5. This man who's still hawking the idea that virginity (again, a fake social construct!!!) has anything to do with the hymen:

"You break the hymen, you are no longer a virgin"; response: "So I lost my virginity while riding a horse? So should I marry the horse? I'm confused"

6. This man who thinks that the clitoris is designed to create a baby and not for female pleasure (aka its sole purpose):

"The clitoris is meant for creating a child, you morons"; you "feel like garbage after you masturbate because your clitoris is sending bad chemicals to your brain — by touching yourself, you're killing your body" and pressing "the devil's doorbell"

7. This man who thinks that women can't orgasm without clitoral stimulation (as if vaginal orgasms aren't a thing):

"It's a biological fact that women cannot orgasm without stimulation of the clitoris; make what assumptions you want from there, but don't try to gaslight me for using facts"

8. This man who fully believes that the clitoris DOESN'T EVEN EXIST:

"The clit isn't a physical thing; it's a figure of speech: 'He can't find my clit' — which is code for he can't make me cum; stop looking for an ACTUAL clit; it's not there"

9. This man who thinks women shouldn't take hormonal birth control because it might "disorganize fertility" and "corrode femininity," among other acts of make-believe:

"Keep your woman away from hormonal contraceptives: They destabilize her fecundity, modify her moods and personality; she can choose other methods"

10. This man who thinks that women are biologically unable to make decisions but are also better at doing chores:

He believes in traditional gender roles because women were made to be bred and their brains are better wired to multitask, which is good for house chores; most women are "emotional, irrational, and unfit to make major decisions"

11. This man who thinks the female orgasm is completely dependent on how much you masturbate:

Women who never orgasm either never masturbate or have sex "when they're not trying to win favor," or they do masturbate regularly, "but they can't get off without their gigantic medical-grade dragon dildorgasmator 2000"

12. This simple man who believes that periods are connected to the BLADDER:

Someone told them they spend 2,000 pounds on tampons, when all they had to do is "hold" their bladder or have a procedure for a weak bladder

13. This man who thinks women can use Kegels to turn their vaginas into a deadly weapon (gee, I wish):

Comment to "Heath" his warning, "young lad": "a woman regular in her kegels has full control on her pelvis and thus on you cock; she could literary trap your cock in her pus"

14. This man who really tried to compare period pain to rolling your ankle:

"Girls wanna be talking about period pains; have you ever rolled your ankle over like this?" above an illustration of a foot at an angle, with the left heel on the floor

15. This man who thinks that female ambition is linked to sickness and disease:

Claim that strong and independent "boss babe" women who don't need a man "develop imbalances like fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis and ovarian cancers; feminists are more prone to developing these diseases"

16. This man who thinks women are biologically wired to want children more than men are:

"Women are more likely than men to want children" and then "clarifies" that terminally online redditor women don't want to have kids; the prospect likely isn't there anyway

17. This man who thinks that women are programmed to be able to sniff out "heated cum":

"Every man who's masturbated in the last week has a distinct smell to girls": "Women have been found to have receptors for the smell of heated cum"

18. And finally, this man who thinks being breastfed will turn his daughter into a lesbian:

Man doesn't like seeing his baby girl being breastfed because she "attacks" his wife's boobs more than his son did, and he wonders if this is how lesbians are made and if he should "stay pissed" at his wife for what she's doing to his child

What's the wildest thing you've heard men say about female anatomy? Share it in the comments.

H/T: r/NotHowGirlsWork.