17 Husbands Who Took The Phrase "Weaponized Incompetence" To A Whole New Level

    Divorce papers, NOW.

    1. This husband who chose to be passive-aggressive instead of just putting a damn bag in the trash can:

    A photo of a trash can on a table, with text saying the picture taker's husband put it there for her to put a bag in it instead of just doing it himself

    2. This husband who obviously doesn't understand what "save me some" means:

    A carton of Oreos with just one Oreo left in it

    3. This husband who couldn't even be bothered to put the boxes upright:

    Boxes of pasta and other food thrown haphazardly onto a shelf

    4. The husband who could've easily finished the milk and THROWN AWAY THE CARTON:

    The milk carton has a few drops of milk left in it

    5. This husband who pretended not to see the laundry basket:

    A stack of dirty clothes lying on the floor directly next to an empty laundry basket

    6. This husband who tainted his partner's coffee stash:

    A picture of two jars of coffee beans, with text saying the picture taker's husband dumped their ground coffee into their whole beans

    7. This husband who did not, in fact, crate the dog:

    A picture of torn up and partially eaten slippers, with text from the picture taker saying they asked their husband to crate the dog

    8. This husband who got halfway through taking out the trash and then thought, "Ehhh, good this is good enough":

    The sides of the trash bag have been pulled up, but it still remains full sitting in the trash can

    9. This husband who delivered the laziest paint job in the history of brush strokes:

    While painting a wall, the husband simply painted around clothes that were hanging on the wall and said he was done, instead of taking the clothes down

    10. This husband who hoarded a whole collection of trash instead of throwing it out:

    A large pile of empty water bottles and candy boxes

    11. This husband who put away silverware like an actual barbarian:

    All of the silverware and other utensils are mixed together at random in the silverware drawer

    12. This husband decided the pantry and the trash can were synonymous:

    A section of the pantry is full of empty cans and bags

    13. This husband ruined the cheese bag in one rip:

    A cheese bag has been ripped open from the bottom, instead of on the top where it is resealable

    14. This husband who clearly has a heart of stone:

    A photo of an Amazon delivery with text saying that the picture taker's husband asks them to wrap their own Christmas gift every year

    15. This husband who created the Leaning Tower of Spoons instead of washing them:

    A large stack of spoons sits on a counter, with text saying the picture taker's husband refuses to put them in the dishwasher

    16. This husband who created a nice mess in the sink for his partner to clean up:

    The husband has put food into the side of the sink that doesn't have a garbage disposal, and text indicates he does this all the time

    17. And finally, this husband who likes to play "good luck reaching this" with his partner:

    Items placed high up on out-of-reach shelves, with text that says the picture taker's husband does this when he's mad at them and hides their step ladder

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating