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    15 People Who Said "PEACE OUT" To Their Toxic Jobs And Bosses In The Pettiest Ways Possible

    Talk about going out with a bang.

    1. This person who left their reprehensible boss to fend for themself — and let everyone know exactly why:

    2. This person who reminded everyone just how valuable they really were:

    3. This person who didn't leave before stirring up some drama among their coworkers:

    4. This person who left a parting note that's basically the workplace equivalent of a mic drop:

    note that states it's legal to discuss salaries and that she was hired at $15 an hour

    5. This person who turned to ye olde Kermit to help convey their emotions:

    Their job:

    Their response:

    Kermit the frog

    6. This person who left the "sandpit" and "fucked off" in the best way possible:

    7. This person whose review of their company will live on in infamy:

    8. This person who left a handwritten memo that DID NOT hold back in any way, shape, or form:

    9. This person who saw their coworkers getting screwed and said, "Not today!!!"

    a text message where it explains that the job mandate is actually illegal

    10. This person who bravely clarified what their former employer meant by "labor shortage":

    11. This person who exercised their right to say "BYEEE" right there on the spot:

    12. This person who went into the meme vault to let everyone know they were peacing out:

    close up of the notice with a SpongeBob meme of him getting off the chair and saying, Ight imma head out

    13. This person who had nothing to lose, so they told HR exactly how they felt:

    14. This person who put their resignation in the window for all to see:

    15. And finally, this person who kept it short and sweet:

    h/t: r/antiwork