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Tell Us About The Moment That Made You "Quiet Quit" Your Job

We want to know the last straw that finally made you decide you were (quietly) quitting.

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about "quiet quitting." Basically, it's a term that describes when you decide to stop going "above and beyond" (aka overworking yourself) for your job, and simply do what's required of you. Nothing more, nothing less. This is all done for the sake of having a more balanced life, and rejecting the "hustle culture" mentality that's gotten so popular over the last 10 years.

Some people think that quiet quitting is bad:

someone praising work and saying quiet quitting is cheating on themselves

Others think that it's good:

- Huh, what is “quiet quitting”? *reads* - Oh. Setting normal boundaries. Working only the hours you’re paid for. Taking care of yourself. Ok. You should definitely do that.

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But no matter you feel about it, people are doing it. So, I'd like to hear about the moment that made you "quiet quit" your job.

Maybe you found out that your coworker (who does less than half the work you do) was making over $10K more a year for the same position, and you decided right then and there that you weren't going to keep working yourself to the bone for a company that doesn't pay you fairly.

Or maybe you never, EVER took time off because you wanted to seem dedicated to your job, and when you decided to take your first vacation in over three years, your boss and your team entire tried to guilt trip you about it, and you finally went, "I'm done."

Or maybe the last straw was when you were visiting a loved one in the hospital (on the weekend, not even during the work week), and your manager had the gall to email you and say, "I know your brother's in the hospital, but..."

Quiet-quitters, it's time to share your stories! Tell us the moment that made you quit your job (and why it was so impactful) in the comments. If you'd rather remain anonymous, you can share your story by filling out this Google form instead. We may feature your submission in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!