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    21 Jokes About Postgrad Life That Are Funny But Also Hurt A Little

    "Just you and your debt."

    Graduating college probably had you like:

    But there's a chance postgrad life has you like:

    So here are some tweets about it:


    What post-grad actually looks like


    My post grad life: **Replaces homework at Starbucks with online shopping at Starbucks**


    Freshman 15 ain’t got nothing on the post-grad 45. Stay woke.


    Me and my gals in college: yaaaas let’s drink this BAG of wine & go DAAAANCING Me and my gals now: Ok so what you are experiencing is repressed trauma and what im about to guide you through is called dialectical behavior therapy


    Me in college: we should raise taxes and improve society somewhat Boomer: oh sure you say that now but wait until you're older and have a job Me older and with a job: overthrow capitalism now


    For Halloween I’m being a slutty post grad who has work in the morning


    Until that Post Grad depression hits you from every angle


    me considering my many options post-grad


    things nobody tells you about post grad: you now have to figure out men’s ages by looking at their linkedin profiles and calculating how many years have passed since they finished college


    i have no post grad plans so i am moving across the country for the next boy who is nice to me please hit my dms


    me, in college: i can't wait until i graduate and never have to do anything last minute again! taxes: GUESS AGAIN PUNK



    A visual representation of me thinking I was ready for life after college


    me before & after college


    me after college accepting the first job that hires me


    It’s crazy after college you enter the real world. Just you and your debt. You’re all a loan


    I have bad news about life AFTER college...


    Me: [after college graduation] I will leave the world a better place than I found it Me: [now] basically a hermit who only likes 4 people and laughs at their own jokes


    Elementary: 👫👬👭👫👬👭 Highschool: 👫👬👭👫 College: 👫👬 After College: 🚶


    during college i would go to the dining center to see n be seen by everyone i had a crush on and now i just go to trader joe’s


    me leaving college with $12 in my savings account, a piece of paper but no job offer, liver damage and a box of 25 tshirts