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People Who Work In Plastic Surgery, What Are Your Biggest Secrets About The Job?

What's it like under the knife?

If you're a plastic surgeon or someone who works in the cosmetic procedures industry, we'd like to hear from you!


We want to hear all of your secrets from on the job, from the waiting room to the operating room. For example, maybe you were never asked to perform lip injections before the rise of Kylie Jenner, and now that's pretty much all you do.

Maybe you've had some celebrity clients who came to get some work done on the DL, and they had you sign an NDA.


Maybe you have regulars who love your work so much they just keep coming back for more.


Maybe you and your medical staff have full-blown conversations about your patients and how they'll look when they're under anesthesia.

A plastic surgeon saying her patient looks great while she's still under anesthesia

Or maybe you just want people to know that when it comes to cosmetic procedures, the most important reason to do it is for yourself — not for other people or beauty standards.


Whatever it is, we want to know! Share your most eye-opening secrets/stories about plastic surgery in the comments below. Submissions will remain anonymous upon request (or, simply fill out this form instead!). We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.