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You've Heard Of "Pick Me" Girls, But These Screenshots Prove "Pick Me" Guys Also Exist And Are Just As Frustrating

"I'm not even like most men. I don't need a maid to cook and clean because I'm good at doing that my damn self."

There's probably a chance you've heard of a "pick me" girl, which Urban Dictionary defines as "a girl who seeks male validation by indirectly or directly insinuating that she is 'not like the other girls.'" Picture a woman who constantly talks about how she loves sports and always says she prefers to hang out with men more because "girls are just too much drama."

But I'm here to say that the pick-me phenomenon is not isolated to one gender! Pick-me guys are definitely a thing, and here are 14 frustrating screenshots to prove it:

1. This pick-me who tried to seal the deal by sending a pic of his bank account:

When asked why he sent a screenshot of his bank account, he said "Cause you need to see how much I got so u can act appropriately"
Screenshot of checking account balance of $330 and savings of $4,000

2. This pick-me who literally said, "I'm not like most guys":

Comment: "If girls on here gave me a chance id be so worth it, but unfortunately peoples expectations are too high and there looking to play games lying about what they want" and "im not like most guys im also looking for a longterm relationship"

3. This pick-me who waxed poetic about how he can't get a date even though he'd "spoil" them:

"Do girls even like nice guys? I feel like they don't give a damn about someone that would treat them right, spoil them" and "I'm that type of guy and it looks like they would just care about fuckers that don't respect them and do nothing for them"

4. This pick-me who claimed to be "genuinely kind" and then was very unkind:

"Nice guys finish last," "Women don't respect you if you're kind, it's genuinely depressing that I have to be not kind," and "Women are toxic tbh, not all but most"

5. This pick-me who really tried to flex and got shut down immediately:

"i have a masters in engineering, a 100k plus salary, a beachhouse, a certificate of a 145 iq, a brand new bmw x7, what do you bring to the table?" "Two PhDs in computer science, a car that is not in direct correlation with my penis size"

6. This pick-me who somehow got upset about getting out of a chore, and then spewed some serious hatred:

Person says they had to use the windshield scraper; he says he could've helped them; when person says they appreciate it but "I'm so far away, it'd be quicker to just do it myself," he says he was just trying to be nice and they never give him a chance

7. This pick-me who thinks they're both "lovely" and a "hero":

"I bet her never liked a lovely guy like me; if you like trash guys, prepare to be treat like trash, or just like a piece of meat, this is the truth girls, only you choise your hero"

8. This pick-me who took their birthday as an opportunity to whine about the fact that they're still single:

It's his 33rd birthday and he's still a virgin; says he's tried to be a great guy his whole life, shown women "levels of respect worthy of a queen," assumes that "women these days are used to being treated like shit"

9. This pick-me who tried to convince women to choose him over the "guys who treat you bad":

"The best friend you overlooked, the guys who's always there for you but you friends zoned, the church guys, the nurds, the quiet guys, the short guy; stop choosing the guy from the bar, the guy on the bike, the guy who treats you bad, the rich guy"

10. This pick-me who absolutely lost it after being left on read:

"I don't understand why u gotta act like ur into me but leave me on delivered for hours but you talkin to other people and your snap score goes up so i know you are just ignoring me; I don't deserve that shit—I am literally the nicest fuckin guy ever"

11. This pick-me who's "really not bragging" but is definitely bragging:

Says a lot of women misjudge their attractiveness to men "who are above their league," and he's not bragging but he's a catch: has an interesting life, is worth $1M, owns a house outright, has a dog and cool hobbies, is respected and not out of shape

12. This "pick me" who felt very, very overlooked:

Wants to spend time with open-minded women who won't just judge him off his looks, but "so many basic bitches out there for real and i dont mean to call females 'bitches' alot of you are real women, but im just over here being overlooked"

13. This pick-me who claimed he's "not even like most men" and then immediately admitted to objectifying women:

"I wish I had a partner to bond with I'm not even like most men; I don't need a maid to cook and clean bc I'm good at doing that my damn self; I objectify people who do it to themselves and as of now most women do that"

14. And finally, this pick-me who definitely isn't telling the whole story:

Guy in college who works out every day and has $50K saved and a 4.0 and can provide a future is rejected all the time and called a racist and sexist for being white, and isn't allowed to show emotion or ask girls out 'cause it's creepy

H/T: r/niceguys.

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