Just 27 Photos Of Dogs Behaving Like Adorable Little Freaks

    Life is RUFF, but looking at these adorable puppers sure isn't!!!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the moments they caught their dogs being adorable little weirdos. Here's just a snippet of the hundreds of cute pics they submitted:

    1. Olly

    Closeup of a dog

    2. Kelly Barkson

    Belgian Malinois dog lying down, looking at camera with mouth open and tongue out, appearing happy

    3. Rome

    Photo of a happy dog running on grass with trees in the background

    4. Rosie

    White dog with black spots sitting on a couch looking at the camera

    5. Montgomery

    A dog is lying on its back, asleep on a couch cushion beside a green pillow

    6. Harry Potter

    A white dog with a relaxed expression lying on a pillow, mouth slightly open

    7. Blueberry

    Dog with frisbee in a park with scattered leaves and trees

    8. Poppy

    Golden Retriever on a textured surface with a person reflected in a mirror behind

    9. Peanut

    Dog with a pink harness sitting on the beach, tongue out, eyes closed, appearing content

    10. Wilson

    Close-up of a happy dog looking at the camera with its mouth open, indoors

    11. June

    Close-up of a happy dog lying down, showing teeth in a smile-like expression

    12. Brody

    Dog lying on its back with a wide grin, teeth showing, next to a blue textured blanket

    13. Priscilla

    Close-up of a Basset Hound lying down with a soft focus on the background

    14. Leia

    Close-up of a happy dog with its mouth open and tongue out. Wearing a floral collar

    15. Max

    Dog lying on back playfully with paws up

    16. Riley

    Close-up of a happy dog with its mouth open and tongue out

    17. The late Mr. Hans

    Dog with open mouth as though mid-vocalization, indoors, with a door in the background

    18. Soba

    A dog lies on its back on the grass, legs up in the air, enjoying the sun

    19. Oakley

    A black dog lying on its back playfully with a wide open mouth and happy expression

    20. Sadie

    Dog in glasses and shirt with "LOL" text balloon above its head, held by an unseen person

    21. Sonja

    Close-up of a happy dog smiling upside down, wearing a collar

    22. Hux

    Dog in a car seat with a blanket, looking towards the camera

    23. Romeo

    A happy Australian Shepherd lying on the floor being petted by a person

    24. Trout

    Kangaroo hanging on a road sign in a desert-like environment

    25. Bruno

    Person's hand holding a standing dachshund's paw, with a smartwatch visible on the wrist

    26. Karma

    A Husky dog lying on its back, looking up at the camera with a playful expression, being petted by a person

    27. And finally, Odysseus (aka Odie)

    Dog lounging on a patterned blanket outside, house in the background, tongue out, eyes closed in relaxation

    Do you have a picture of your dog in goblin mode? Drop it in the comments (along with their name) for a chance to have your story featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!