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    19 People Who Have Absolutely Zero Consideration For Anyone But Themselves

    Warning: If you try to be good to others this one is REALLY going to upset you,

    1. This fool who really thought they were important enough to take up THREE (very important) parking spaces:

    A truck parked diagonal in 3 parking spaces, which are also a handicap space, an emergency space, and a delivery space

    2. This person who thought the passenger in front of them needed to see their crusty-ass foot on a plane:

    3. This person who literally has no respect:

    4. This inconsiderate jerk who decided that food belonged on the ground instead of with people who needed it:

    5. This partner who needs to be dumped ASAP:

    6. This person deserves to be blacklisted from every restaurant on the planet:

    7. This mom who thought only one of her children should hear about a family member's passing:

    8. This man who said "I don't love you" in the most disgusting way possible:

    9. The delivery person who could've taken just ONE SECOND to be considerate, but didn't:

    10. This person whose laziness stunk up the whole store:

    11. This teacher who defied all logic just to prove their student "wrong":

    12. The monster who had the fucking gall to fire this woman:

    13. This customer who just left a pile for some poor bookstore worker to clean up:

    14. This dad who needs to chill — and also realize his daughter's an adult:

    15. This "friend" who had absolutely no respect:

    16. This "neighbor" who got woken up once and decided to be a total crybaby about it:

    17. This person who decided their groceries were more important that other people staying dry:

    18. This food delivery thief who was apparently TOO HUNGRY to deliver his order:

    19. And finally, these assholes who actually faked having a disability to get out of wearing a mask:

    Trash. from trashy

    h/t: r/mildlyinfuriating and r/trashy