People Over 30 Are Sharing The Things They No Longer Like To Do, And I Agree With Some Of These In My 20s

    "I used to LOVE doing projects like painting, gardening, household repair, etc. But at almost 43, I have less energy, more joint issues, and less flexibility and balance. I still do projects, but with not nearly the enthusiasm and energy as before."

    Recently, I wrote up a Reddit thread asking people to share the things they seem to like less and less as they get older. And, in true relatable fashion, it inspired even more responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community.

    So, without further ado, here are 18 more things that seem to get less fun the older we get:

    Note: This obviously isn't meant to speak for/apply to everyone. If you still like the same things you did when you were younger, that's great too!

    1. "Very over-the-top, sweet desserts. I know this is common and all the adults warned me of this as I got older, but I never believed them. A younger version of myself would've seen a chocolate lava cake topped with chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter, and chocolate syrup, and could've eaten it in a couple gulps. Current me would take a few bites and put the rest away for later — much later."


    2. "Summer! I used to love the carefree possibilities of summers when I was younger, even when I was in my 20s and 30s when it was no longer about school being out. Now it's just hot, sticky weather that never seems to end. I don't seem to be able to adjust anymore."


    Fred Armisen in character saying, "It's so hot"

    3. "New music. Lately, I don’t get the new songs, and I’m starting to understand why my parents kept listening to the same music. I don’t know why, but I find it extremely comforting knowing the lyrics and the rhythm of a song."


    4. "I have little to no tolerance for almost any gatherings now. I’ve always hated weddings, graduations, and ceremonies, but I tolerated them. I hate even having to make plans to go places like Thanksgiving with the family. I know it sounds sad, but I hate it. I’m not even depressed or antisocial. I just really want to stay home."


    A man saying, "I'm ready to go — get me out of here"

    5. "Clothes shopping! It used to be, ‘Does this fit me, suit my body shape, and look fashionable?' Now I need to add, ‘Is this age appropriate?’ Or, ‘Does it make me look ancient?’ It’s like walking a tightrope, people."


    6. "Wearing shoes that are really cute but make me physically uncomfortable. I have thrown out all my high-heeled shoes because they don’t serve me anymore. I am a more functional and pleasant human now that my feet aren’t in constant pain."


    a person putting on high heels

    7. "Time with friends. In high school, and to some extent university, it was fairly easy to catch up and have lunch together. But with everyone working different jobs and having different schedules, it's so hard to carve out two hours to meet up and talk!"


    8. "Watching sad movies or seeing people get hurt. There is too much real pain in the world to add any more. I just don't have the emotional energy to deal with sorrow and pain in my entertainment."


    a woman crying

    9. "Watching anything on TV that starts at 8:30 p.m. or later. Like, no, I can't watch that whole movie, I like to be in bed at 10."


    10. "Sleeping in. I loved it in my 20s. I could wake up at noon and be happy. Now, if I sleep past 7 a.m. on the weekends, I feel like my day is wasted. I get up about 3:30–4 a.m. during the week. Also, staying up late is now overrated. Most nights, I'm asleep by 9 p.m."


    a person sleeping

    11. "I'm always talking about how I want to go out and party and have fun nights like I did five years ago. Yet, when I go out, I immediately want to go home because I'm overwhelmed at the foolishness, loud noises, and carelessness. In all honesty, I think I miss the idea of what going out was when I was younger than I actually miss going out, if that makes sense."


    12. "Traveling, for the most part. Even when I am excited about it, travel has become such a nuisance for me. Long lines everywhere that’s remotely interesting, and having to book every single detail in advance."


    a person putting their luggage in a plane

    13. "When I was younger, I loved walking around downtown people watching, browsing, having a snack, etc. Like, for a whole day. Now, I get SO ANTSY! After one store, I want to go home. I’ve become that one woman you see on a bench while everyone else walks around energetically."


    14. "Definitely a club/bar where people are packed in like sardines, and you can’t hear anyone talk without screaming in their ear. That’s a nightmare to me now."


    people dancing in a club

    15. "I used to LOVE doing projects like painting, gardening, household repair, etc. But at almost 43, I have less energy, more joint issues, and less flexibility and balance. I still do projects, but with not nearly the enthusiasm and energy as before."


    16. "This is weird, but noise. As I get older, I cannot handle unnecessary noise. My brother walks around listening to podcasts and YouTube on his phone with no headphones, and it drives me insane. When people have their TVs up too loud, I ask if it’s necessary. People blasting music in their cars makes me want to physically harm them."


    a woman smiling with the words, "Please shut up"

    17. "I used to love dressing up, sometimes to go out, or just around my house. But now I’m fine with just wearing jeans and a shirt. Forget heels!"


    18. And finally, "Leaving the house. As I’ve gotten older, I like being in the safety and comfort of my house a lot more. I don’t mind going out occasionally, but I tend to do it by myself more and more."


    A woman saying, "This is fun for me — I love being home"

    OK, now it's time to share something you like MORE with age! Tell us in the comments, and we could feature your responses in a future BuzzFeed Community post.