"Um, With What Money?" — Millennials And Gen Z Are Sharing The Money "Tips" They Think Are Super Outdated Considering The Fact That We're All Super Broke

    "'When they say, 'Put at least 10% of every paycheck into your savings for emergencies and at least 10% into retirement.' When your paycheck barely covers your living expenses, that isn't actually possible."

    With inflation getting higher and higher each second and prices rising by the hour, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the outdated money advice they're sick and tired of hearing. Here are the "tips" we should probably retire once and for all:

    1. "Anytime someone tells me to save money, I automatically roll my eyes. I would LOVE to be able to have a savings of some kind, but with inflation twerking all over the place, it's impossible, especially when my son keeps growing out of his clothes every other month. Even thrift store prices are getting ridiculous."


    2. "When they say, 'Put at least 10% of every paycheck into your savings for emergencies and at least 10% into retirement.' When your paycheck barely covers your living expenses, that isn't actually possible. There have been times when I couldn't put away $10, let alone over 10%."


    3. "'You should demand higher pay' or 'You should get a job that pays more,' as if finding a job that pays a livable wage is easy peasy. I’m a CNA, and we only get paid a dollar or two above minimum wage where I’m from. It’s still better than the other options, which are all retail and food service."


    4. "Not so much a tip, but the thing that irks me the MOST is when my parents say, 'Don't worry, it's just money,' after I mention how I'll probably never be able to buy a nice house or be able to have a good retirement fund. Like...yes, I have you all to fall back on should something happen, and I'm very lucky for that, but damn. Y'all are very well off, and I have like $1,000 in my bank account right now. It will never be 'just money' for me."


    5. "'Sell your car and get a cheaper, older one.' This is terrible advice! Repairs and unreliable transportation are a financial nightmare."


    6. "I am so sick of hearing that I should buy a house right now just to have one. Maybe that was a great idea a few years ago, but houses in my area are currently selling for at least double (probably closer to triple) what they were three years ago. Also, along with homeownership comes the regular and irregular costs that can range from basic utilities to needing a whole new roof. It is just not realistic or even logical."


    7. "'Have three to six months' worth of expenses in your account in case of emergency.' That's great, but when I can barely make all of my bills each month, what money am I supposed to be saving?"


    8. "When I had just graduated from college and was venting to my mom about how high my student loan payments were, she said she understood and knew what would help. I was excited. For some reason, I actually thought she was going to drop some helpful knowledge on me. She said, 'Just make double payments each month. That way, you'll be rid of it faster. It's what I did.' Yeah, not even remotely helpful. If I'm struggling to pay the current amount, I certainly can't double it. Thanks, Mom."


    9. "The majority of Dave Ramsey's financial advice. Especially, 'If you're working on paying off debt, the only time you should see the inside of a restaurant is if you're working there.' With the student loan debt crisis as it is, my $20 meal at a restaurant once a month isn't going to make the difference in whether I pay off $50,000 in student loans. I've paid my loans every single month, and right now I owe more than I originally took out 10 years ago, all due to student loan interest. I'm done with the shaming and being told I don't deserve a life or the ability to be out in public."


    10. "'Get a bunch of insurance policies so you won't have to get into medical debt.' Medical insurance policies are adding more and more loopholes, and the people with generational wealth are just telling others to get a bunch of insurance policies and stack them. Keeping up payments on just one is expensive — now you expect me to get A BUNCH?!"


    11. "'Don't use your car; you'll save a lot when you're not spending money on gas!' Sure, I'll wake up three hours earlier and walk in the freezing temperatures to get to work because my workplace is 45 minutes away (by car) and there is zero public transport here."


    12. "'Invest in properties, it'll help you get a solid financial standing!' Um, with what money?"


    13. "I'm definitely tired of hearing people tell me to spend a Sunday cooking all day for the week to save money. I'm a working mom. I cannot spend eight hours per week cooking and prepping food when I barely have time to care for my mental health as it is. People don't get that this is more than an economic problem. We work way too many hours for not enough pay and have no time to actually live and do things that make us happy."


    14. "'Pay yourself first.' People say this as if it’s a magical cure for all your money problems. Of course I’m on board with the idea of putting some money into savings before spending all of it, but that’s not practical advice when you’re living paycheck to paycheck JUST spending on necessities."


    15. "The advice to put the maximum amount in your retirement account every year. This is great if you make six figures a year, but impractical if you don't. Yay, I'll have retirement savings in 30–40 years, but I'll be living under a bridge or with 10 roommates until then just to be able to afford anything else."


    16. And finally, "I'm so sick and tired of the advice to 'eliminate' all the fun things you do with your life. Like, honestly, what is the POINT if you don't have any hobbies, passions, and/or entertainment needs? I get it, save up for a show, save up to travel, but to say, 'You should never eat out, shop, have coffee, smoke, drink, etc.' — so you can accomplish what? Existence? To me, it's always kind of a slap in the face. Don't ever enjoy life or money — just work, pay bills, repeat."


    Okay, now it's time to share the financial advice that actually HAS helped you during these trying times. Feel free to drop it in the comments. We may feature your responses in another BuzzFeed Community post.