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Can You Fake Your Way Through This English Test After Only Glancing At The Required Reading?

Time to speed read.

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It's an age-old story: You told yourself you'd do the assigned reading soon, but now there's a surprise test! If you hurry, though, you can quickly glance at a few important pages before you answer any questions.


Cram this passage from The Great Gatsby.

Cram this passage from Pride and Prejudice.

Cram this passage from Frankenstein.

Cram this passage from "The Waste Land."

Cram this passage from Romeo and Juliet.

Cram this passage from "The Road Not Taken."

Alright, you did what you could. Now it's time to find out if all that cramming was enough to pass.

  1. What does the last sentence of The Great Gatsby use as a metaphor for the past?

  2. Who does Elizabeth, the narrator of Pride and Prejudice, say she’s happier than?

  3. Who “turns in disgust” from looking at Frankenstein’s monster?

  4. In "The Waste Land," which month does T.S. Eliot call the cruelest?

  5. Who is envious of Juliet’s beauty in Romeo and Juliet?

  6. In "The Road Not Taken," how does the narrator describe the wood where two roads converge?