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    Updated on Jul 21, 2020. Posted on Jan 6, 2020

    25 Jokes About Olive Garden That Prove It's A Very Special Place

    "My compliments to the microwave."



    at olive garden like “my compliments to the microwave”


    got yelled at by a jealous gf on the b train because i was helping her bf read the subway map so they can get to Times Square ma’am you are going to the Times Square Olive Garden for dinner i want nothing to do with this relationship


    Me greeting the hostess at Olive Garden


    me after eating 46 breadsticks at olive garden


    imagine being a 200 year old shark. 200 years old, not doin shit swimming the ocean never been to Olive Garden


    Imagine the lawyer for Olive Garden opening their briefcase in court and a never ending supply of breadsticks cascades to the floor causing the courtroom to erupt in laughter while the judge is yelling “order”


    Buddy was hittin that Olive Garden “tell me when”


    was just banned for life from every single Olive Garden after attempting to see just how “endless” the breadsticks really were. After 14 hours of nothing but breadstick consumption I was promptly escorted out by police. They can’t keep getting away with this.


    saying "let's have sex" - crass - nobody likes it - unoriginal saying "I want to put unlimited bread sticks in your Olive Garden" - poetic - everyone likes Olive Garden - I wrote it so it has the Kellen Seal of Sexual Approval


    me: [ordering my eighth basket of breadsticks] the olive garden waitress:


    My Olive Garden breadstick looking at my waiter add cheese to my salad


    keep liking my pics on facebook and we’re gonna end up at olive garden


    me at 1 day pregnant: the baby wants olive garden



    I ordered the Olive Garden “Bottomless Salad Bowl,” and it led me to Narnia.


    Olive Garden Waiter: "would you like parmesan?" Me: "yes" Waiter: "just say when" Me: Me: Me: Me: Me: Me: Me: Me: Waiter: "pls"


    Olive garden waitress: ... Lil Nas X: lemme get uhh Grilled panini, Dont forget zucchini, Im about to throw up, gimme one more martini, I Alfredo fettuccine, Make it extra creamy, Bring the free breadsticks or ill turn into a meanie, I


    if i were on death row i would simply demand endless pasta from olive garden as my last meal and i would therefore live forever


    [at olive garden] waiter: welcome to the garden, what’ll it be me: olives waiter: ok


    Is your child texting about @olivegarden? Here’s a quick guide to find out: OG: Olive Garden LMAO: love me an olive LOL: lots of lasagna ROFL: ravioli or flavorful linguine BRB: breadsticks rock, bro WTF: where’s the fettuccine STFU: some tiramisu for us


    When your server at Olive Garden tells you to say “when” on the grated parmesan cheese.


    olive garden is italian applebees. there is no way to explain it other than that. you know it makes sense. admit it


    White People Pull Up To Olive Garden With A Boat Attached To Their Trailer.


    I like to eat at Olive Garden by myself and when the hostess says "dining alone tonight?" I say "No because when you're here you're family Ha Ha Ha" never gets a laugh but that's showbiz baby

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