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    Here Are 17 Perfectly Normal Things That Get Super Sexualized In Society For Literally No Reason

    For the last time, no one should be shamed for breastfeeding in public.

    People are sharing regular things that often get sexualized in society, and it's raising some interesting points.

    It all started when Reddit user u/tmime1 asked people to share which non-sexual things they think are super sexualized. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Breastfeeding."

    Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images


    "My mother works at a bakery and has had to tell off dozens of old men for complaining that people were breastfeeding in public. Like, yeah, they're erogenous zones but not inherently sexual."


    2. "Eating a popsicle."

    3. Also, "Eating a banana."



    "Eating a banana in public makes me uncomfortable for this reason."


    4. And also, "Lollipops. I ate a lollipop at Disneyland once as an adult, because my dad used to buy them for me as a kid and it was nostalgic. Two different older women stopped me to tell me I was disgusting. I offered to buy them lollipops, and they declined. I don’t get it man. It’s candy."

    5. "The word 'Daddy.'"


    6. "Step-anything. I feel bad for all of those actual step-children, step-parents, and step-siblings."

    Shaftesbury Films

    7. "Teens in young adult media. There doesn’t always have to be a romance subplot and/or sex scene."

    The CW


    "It doesn’t help that teen characters are usually played by actors in their twenties or even their thirties."


    8. "Pageants for preteen girls."

    9. "Eggplants. Delicious when cooked properly, yet they're also the universal emoji for a dick."

    Shelby Heinrich/BuzzFeed

    10. "Food in general. The amount of times I've seen slow pans of hot girls putting food in their mouths is way too many!"

    Carl's Jr

    11. "Halloween."



    "I feel like 90% of the adult costumes are all some sexy version of a pop culture reference."


    12. "Pigtails."

    13. "Cheerleaders, and school uniforms with skirts."

    Jive Records

    14. "Handcuffs. I know it has something with the surprise factor, but those weren't invented for having kinky sex."

    Ulf Wittrock / Getty Images/EyeEm

    15. "Girls' shoulders in elementary and middle school."

    16. And finally, "Women's breasts in general. Men get to walk around topless with nipples and breast tissue, but when someone without a Y chromosome does, it's suddenly sexual and inappropriate."

    OK, now, what are some normal things that YOU think get super sexualized in today's society? Share them in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.

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