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    17 Times "Nice Guys" Proved They're The Absolute Worst

    What did we do to deserve this?

    Warning: This post contains violent, misogynistic language that, unfortunately, many women deal with on a regular basis. Read at your own discretion.

    1. This nice guy who knows the true meaning of "respect":

    Ah yes, "respect" from niceguys

    2. This nice guy who probably should've stopped after the first message:

    “You blocked but I’m gonna message you 1000 more times anyway” from niceguys

    3. This nice guy whose logic is the definition of cringe:

    The cringe is real from niceguys

    4. This nice guy has definitely NEVER been weird to any of his female riders, EVER:

    My Uber driver’s bio has comforted me immensely. from niceguys

    5. This nice guy who really tried to guilt his way into "friendship":

    Found me a NOICE one from niceguys

    6. This nice guy who got called out on his BS and was genuinely surprised:

    My favorite part is the “surprised” reaction on that last comment . from niceguys

    7. This nice guy who shoved someone, stole their wallet, and still expected a date:

    You didn’t notice me when I stared at you? Here, let me push someone into you so you notice. from niceguys

    8. This nice guy who proved men have been pulling this entitled bullshit for 70+ years:

    A nice guy from McCall's magazine, 1953 from niceguys

    9. This nice guy who got mad at someone for not disclosing their relationship status on social media:

    That is soooo creepy from niceguys

    10. This nice guy who decided to shame women for having lives outside of "submitting" to him:

    NEVER leave the house, be social or enjoy your life because if you do, no good man/nice guy will ever want you... 🙄 from niceguys

    11. This nice guy who practically imploded when the woman he complimented agreed with him:

    Jfc from niceguys

    12. This nice guy who automatically labels you a "psycho" and "whore" if you're not interested:

    Watch out! He has the power of God on his side! from niceguys

    13. This nice guy who thought stalking someone's profile and being able to make a cup of tea were both sexy things to brag about:

    "My boyfriend made tea wrong lol" causes dude to absolutely lose his mind and creep on some internet stranger. But hey, at least he's a nice guy who wouldn't abuse her. from niceguys

    14. This nice guy who switched gears in a matter of seconds:

    and they say chivalry is dead from niceguys

    15. This nice guy was like, "I'll put you on the back burner until the other things don't work out, cool?"

    This is hilarious from niceguys

    16. This nice guy who probably doesn't tip and will Venmo you for 40 cents:

    Women Want His Money from niceguys

    17. And finally, this nice guy who took his compliment RIGHT BACK:

    Lollll from niceguys

    h/t: r/niceguys

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