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16 Men Who Seem To Think They're "Nice," But They're Actually Hella Creepy

I don't care how "politely" you ask for a bikini pic...I'm still not sending.

Warning: This post contains misogynistic and derogatory language that plenty of women deal with on a regular basis. Read at your own discretion.

1. This nice guy who switched gears real quick once he realized he wasn't getting what he wanted:

2. This nice guy who asked for a pic in the "nicest" (aka creepiest) way possible:

3. This nice guy who got a response and STILL absolutely lost it:

4. This guy who really thought "Not even for me???" was gonna work:

5. This nice guy who's just too darn misogynistic — I mean, "nice" — to find what he's looking for:

6. This nice guy who's probably SO CONFUSED about why he never gets any matches:

7. This nice guy who thinks he knows exactly why he never gets any matches (spoiler alert, he's wrong):

8. These nice guys who straight-up blamed this woman's mistreatment on her and not on the men who've mistreated her:

9. This nice guy who wished eternal damnation on the woman who politely denied his offer:

10. These nice guys who think lying and deception are completely justified:

11. This nice guy who just kept going...and then topped it all off with a death threat:

12. This nice guy who should just wear a giant pin that says, "Woe is me":

13. This nice guy who seems to suffer from "selective reading":

14. This nice guy who can't think of any reason he can't find a partner besides the fact that he's an "artist":

lmao from niceguys

15. This nice guy who basically threw a tantrum because a woman had the audacity to get into a relationship after she turned him down:

16. And finally, this nice guy who seems to think spending money on a date entitles him to literally anything:

Let's hand it for these guys who are just soooo nice :) :) :). It's a travesty they're single (and probably will be forever).

h/t: r/niceguys