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    People On TikTok Are Trying To Take Off Their Shirts Like Paxton In "Never Have I Ever" And The Results Are Mixed, To Say The Least

    It's harder than it looks.

    Who among us doesn't love the new Netflix show Never Have I Ever? It's funny, heartfelt, clever, and exactly the kind of content we need right now.


    And one of the best/steamiest parts of the show is definitely the scene where Devi dreams that Paxton comes into her room and takes his shirt off in one fell swoop. You know the one:


    Did someone raise the temperature in here, or is it just me???

    But, after I finished fanning myself from my first time watching that scene, I couldn't help but wonder: How the heck does Darren Barnet, aka Paxton, take his shirt off like that???

    Giant Bomb

    It seems like it would be pretty hard, no?

    Well, apparently I'm not the only one who's been feeling confused, because people on TikTok have started trying it out for themselves! For some, it hasn't gone so well:


    I tried #fyp #4u #funny #coronavirus #foryoupag #joke #neverhaveiever

    ♬ original sound - shahzoob

    But others have pulled it off PERFECTLY:


    i made this as a joke but i got it on my first try i- KeepingItCute #HiddenTalents #neverhaveievernetflix #neverhaveiever #fyp #netflix

    ♬ original sound - notamanda

    I don't like feeling left out, so I decided that I was also going to try taking off my shirt with one hand in 0.5 seconds just like Paxton. First, I said a quick prayer that I wouldn't fall into any furniture or break any limbs...

    The CW

    ...and then it was time to try it out!


    #duet with @notamanda

    ♬ original sound - notamanda

    As you can see, a struggle ensued. I managed to get my shirt off at the very last second, but just barely.

    Shelby Heinrich / Via

    But, not to be deterred, I decided to try one more time! I rewatched the TikTok and decided to shift my focus to the sleeve/armpit. I also put my hair up for extra efficiency.


    #duet with @notamanda

    ♬ original sound - notamanda


    Shelby Heinrich / Via

    So yeah, there you have it. It's hard but not impossible, and you should focus on pulling from your sleeve. Thanks TikTok, for teaching me how to take my shirt off like a boss.


    I'll just leave this gif here oneeee more time so we can all enjoy.

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