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15 Screenshots Of People In MLMs Getting Called Out That You'll Appreciate It You've Ever Been Hit With The Dreaded "Hey Hun!"

Actually, you didn't pay for your groceries with that card.

Note: In case you didn't know, multilevel marketing (MLM) company is a company that emphasizes both direct sales and recruiting others to work under you, so you can receive a percentage of profit from the products they sell as well. MLMs have been around for decades and there's been plenty of controversy (like the infamous LuLaRoe lawsuits) over the years surrounding their business practices. I should also note that MLMs are legal, while pyramid schemes are not. The main difference is that MLMs involve the sale of products and in a pyramid scheme, no actual product is sold.

1. When this MLM'er wasn't about to get away with not paying their debts:

2. When this MLM'er tried to make us think their "business" paid for all their groceries but an eagle-eyed commenter called their bluff:

3. When this helpful civilian explained to this MLM'er how hair growth worked:

4. When this MLM'er conveniently forgot that their missed rent payments were public information:

5. When this commenter was having absolutely none of this MLM'er's BS:

6. When this MLM'er was hawking a harmful product and thus got a perfectly appropriate response:

7. When this person was accidentally sent an MLM text and used the opportunity to give them a swift dose of reality:

8. When this comedian called out an MLM'er and got kicked out of their Facebook group, but not in vain:

9. When all these IG users banded together to really get the message across:

10. When this MLM'er barely even tried and their latest victim let 'em know it:

11. When this person let an MLM'er know that if they wanted to use them to hawk product, it would come at a price:

12. When this MLM'er tried to be smug and this commenter hit them with the facts:

13. When this absolute hero had the most perfect response:

14. When this person educated their neighborhood MLM'er about basic Photoshop:

15. And finally, when this queen dressed up as our deepest, darkest fear for Halloween:

h/t: r/antiMLM