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18 Screenshots From People In MLMs That'll Annoy Anyone Who's Ever Been Hit With The Dreaded, "Hey Girl!"

Anything to make a sale I guess.

Note: In case you didn't know, a multilevel marketing (MLM) company is a company that emphasizes both direct sales and recruiting others to work under you, so you can receive a percentage of profit from the products they sell as well. The people above you are considered your "upline," and the people below you are considered your "downline." MLMs have been around for decades, and there's been plenty of controversy (like the infamous Lularoe lawsuits) over the years surrounding their business practices. I should also note that MLMs are legal, while pyramid schemes are not. The main difference is that MLMs involve the sale of products, and in a pyramid scheme, no actual product is sold.

1. This MLM'er who wanted to get a date and sell some product at the same time:

2. This MLM'er who hit copy/paste and didn't even bother to type in their victim's "characteristic":

3. This MLM'er who sent a generic copy/paste message, realized their mistake, and then did the exact same thing again:

4. This MLM'er who tried to shave her mom's head as a marketing incentive:

5. This MLM'er who wanted to hire an assistant/babysitter and didn't offer to pay them actual money, but with products in their inventory:

6. This MLM'er who used a family member's trip to the ER to try and promote her "job":

7. This MLM'er who tried to make it seem like they paid for groceries with money from their business, but...the credit card numbers said otherwise:

8. This MLM'er/teacher who tried to get her students to sell product for her and literally saw no issue:

9. This MLM'er should've apologized for this very offensive, VERY insensitive pitch:

10. This MLM'er who used their actual child as a marketing ploy:

11. This MLM'er who thought body shaming someone was a great way to make a sale:

12. This MLM'er who tried to use some totally-real-and-not-made-up "science" to entice customers:

13. This MLM'er who asked someone to throw a party for their business despite the fact that they'd be having a C-SECTION in 24 hours:

14. This MLM'er who didn't let the first rejection get 'em down:

15. This MLM'er who broke five years of silence with a a plea to buy makeup:

16. This MLM'er who heard their friend was going through depression AND a divorce and was like, "but do you wanna join my business???":

17. This MLM'er who got hit with some straight up FACTS and pretended not to see it:

18. And finally, this MLM'er who accidentally met another MLM'er in the wild and wasn't quite sure what to do:

h/t: r/antiMLM