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    People Are Sharing Common Mistakes People Make In Their Twenties, And I Wish I'd Avoided Some Of These

    *Furiously takes notes.*

    Your twenties are a time for lots of learning, growth, and also...plenty of mistakes.

    But maybe it doesn't all have to be trial and error! Reddit user u/shadow2995 decided to try to save us all some trouble and ask, "What are some common mistakes in life that people in their twenties should be aware of?" The thread was flooded with super-sage advice that should be required reading. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Don't rack up credit card debt for things you don't need."

    2. "Don't think someone can save you or 'fix' you mentally and emotionally. Other people can definitely help you, but you're the one in the driver's seat, and you need to accept that and be willing to do better for yourself. Even if that's the hardest thing for you."


    3. "Take care of your ears and hearing. Damage can happen quickly, and it doesn’t come back."


    4. "Don't marry someone just because you've been with them for a while and all of your friends are getting married."

    A woman saying, I think you might regret that later

    5. "If you can, shoot for a job that is practical — FOR YOU! Not for your parents, peers, or society. Find a job that you find doable on a physical, mental, spiritual, and financial level that you see yourself doing for the long term."


    6. "Save your money. I don't care if it's 50 cents this week, maybe $5 next week, then $0, and then 25 cents the following week. Anything is better than nothing, and your future self will be so thankful to you that you did."


    7. "Staying fit is easier than getting fit, so build some good habits ASAP! When you hit 30, you’ll really start to notice the difference between the friends who looked after themselves and those who didn’t."


    8. "Don't stick with a career that's a bad fit. If you know you don’t like your career field, your twenties is the time to go back to school or make a change. It becomes much harder as you get older, acquire obligations to others, and more debt."

    mariana from good trouble saying, "i hate my job"

    9. "Be kind and gentle to your knees."


    10. "Understand that making and keeping friends in the adult world, outside of school, is a whole different ball game. The landscape is different, and so are the rules and skills you need. It's easy to end up isolated or in the company of people who just aren't good for you, or just clinging to bad or inappropriate situations for too long."


    11. "Brush your teeth, and use mouthwash, too. Trust me, you'll save yourself a LOT of pain."

    Patrick Star brushing his teeth

    12. "Don't throw away your career for love. If it doesn't work out — and it's statistically not likely to — you will regret it."


    13. "Don't let anyone discourage you from a hobby that brings you genuine happiness (provided you aren't hurting others). You might spend a bit on that hobby, money that could go toward savings instead. But keep with it, and after a decade or two you'll have something you can look on and say, 'I made/did this; here is proof of my work.' That's a good feeling to have."


    14. "Date and marry someone who cares for you, not the things/positions you have or will possess. They'll be the ones who stay when things go they always do."


    15. "Save for retirement. Even $10 a week makes a massive difference."

    Tyra banks saying, "i'm retired, y'all"

    16. "If you’re still hanging around or living with friends you knew from high school, don’t be afraid to ditch 'em and make new friends if they're toxic or dragging you down. It’s always scary to make new friends, but MUCH easier now than when you’re 30 and everyone has spouses and babies and all that."


    17. "Therapy. Everybody can benefit from it. If you can get it, go. If you can’t, do whatever you can to inform yourself about mental health and reflect on your own situation."


    18. And finally, "You're the only one left with yourself in 10 or 20 years. Everyone else sticking with you is a bonus. So if you wanna do something but someone else is criticizing you for it, you have to remember that it's you who have to live with the decision, not them. Not choosing is a choice too."

    A woman saying, "You don't know what I need better than i do"

    What advice do you have for people in their twenties? Share it in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.