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    23 Cell Phones Every Millennial Will Remember On Sight

    T9 was the original autocorrect.

    1. The Motorola Razr that basically solidified your status as the coolest kid on the block.

    Motorola / Via

    If you got it in pink, even better.

    2. The BlackBerry that had you feeling like a high-powered business executive when in reality you were just texting your mom.

    BlackBerry / Via

    3. Or the Blackberry Pearl that still had you feeling like a business exec but in a smaller, shinier way.

    BlackBerry / Via

    4. This slide-y phone that was made of ACTUAL CHOCOLATE.

    Verizon / Via

    JK it wasn't, but it did have that touch pad wheel thing and a built-in MP3 player.

    5. The phone that Paris Hilton and every rich kid at your school had: the Sidekick.

    T Mobile / Via

    Bonus points if it was completely covered in glittery pink rhinestones.

    6. The Rokr, aka the Razr's cousin that had iTunes on it and tried to convince you it would be able to replace your iPod.

    Motorola / Via

    Spoiler alert: it couldn't.

    7. The LG Dare, a clunky foray into the world of touch screen cell phones.

    Verizon / Via

    It even had a Media Center (whatever that is)!

    8. The EnV that flipped open to a full keyboard and second screen, making everyone's head spin.

    Verizon / Via

    Because T9 was for peasants.

    9. And Ev2, the next gen that was smaller, thinner, and therefore sexier.

    Verizon / Via

    Sorry these were just the rules.

    10. The LG Rumor that SLID into a keyboard, leaving us all equally shocked and amazed.

    LG / Via

    You also drove your crazy friends all day absentmindedly sliding the keyboard in and out and in again.

    11. This Nokia brick you would use to play Snake into the wee hours of the night.

    Nokia/T Mobile / Via

    12. The Samsung Juke that would slide up so you could make calls on a phone that was a mile long.

    Verizon / Via

    13. This hand-me-down from your mom.

    LG / Via

    14. This lil' swively thing that had a keyboard on one side and music controls on the other.

    Nokia / Via

    Was it practical? Absolutely not. Did it make you feel like a technological genius? Hell yeah.

    15. The brick to end all bricks.

    Nokia / Via

    At least the buttons lit up.

    16. The LG Voyager that brought everything full circle by having a touch screen on the front AND flipping to reveal a keyboard underneath.

    LG / Via

    Your iPhone could never.

    17. The Motorola Pebl, yet another cousin of the Razr that just didn't have the ~IT factor.~

    Motorola / Via

    18. This flip phone that was ACTUALLY the size of a pebble!!!

    Pantech / Via

    RIP Cingular.

    19. This collaboration between Motorola and Babyphat that's confusing now but made perfect sense in 2005.

    Motorola / Via

    I would've given my left pinky toe to own this phone.

    20. The LG Fusic that was like "I'm like a not a regular flip phone, I'm a cool flip phone that plays music."

    LG / Via

    Like a combo between "music" and "fusion," get it????

    21. The Alias, aka the phone flipped both ways.

    Samsung / Via

    Also the phone that snapped off its axis within the first week of you having it.

    22. This phone that slid up into a mini TV thing because, sure.

    LG / Via

    So you could watch a music video that had to buffer every 30 seconds.

    23. And finally, this beauty from Motorola that should stand as an everlasting reminder of where we came from.

    Creative Commons / Via


    It was a simpler time. And, dare I say, a better time.

    NBC / Via


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