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    Women Are Sharing The Phrases In Men's Dating Profiles That Are An Immediate Swipe Left

    Immediate swipe left.

    If you're a straight woman who's used dating apps, you know that it only takes a few swipes to realize the content on lots of men's profiles is...shall we say...pretty similar.

    So when reddit user u/Remm1ngton asked, "Ladies, what are some bad phrases you've seen on a man's dating profile?" there was no holding back. And as someone who's spent her fair share on dating apps, I concur. Here are the responses:

    1. "A lot of guys seem to think saying, 'liking The Office is not a personality trait' is a personality trait."


    2. Also, "'Trying to find the Pam to my Jim.'"

    3. "Guys that say they're looking for an intellectual companion — which is fine. However, the pretentious rant that comes after usually destroys it. So are you looking for your intellectual equal, or are you looking for someone to dumb it down enough to give your sad rant some credibility? You read books, we got it."


    4. "Anything rude about other women's profiles, like, 'you guys use too many filters.' I don’t, but now I’m definitely not gonna message you."


    5. “'Don’t waste my time'. OK, I swiped left. Congrats on conserving your time."

    6. "'[Insert quality here]'s to the front of the line' — as if there's a line for you."


    7. "Anything that’s unironically self-deprecating, like: 'I never get matches anyway,' 'nobody swipes right on me,' and ''oo ugly/short/poor for Tinder women :(('."


    8. “'I’m *inserts height here* since that matters.'"


    9. "'I'm really a nice guy, just let me show you. No one ever gives me a chance.'"

    10. "A friend showed me one that said something like, 'I’ll treat you right and I expect the same in return,' which just felt like the dude was saying, 'I spend money on you, so you better put out for me.'"


    11. "Anything in the realm of chasing the bag, the grind, enemies wanting to see them fail, etc. Also, saying, 'Swipe left if you have X amount of bodies.'"


    12. "Anything involving women who can cook: 'Will introduce you to my parents if you can cook,' 'Love a girl who can cook,' etc. If that's the relationship two people want, cool, but to me it reads like you can't cook and expect me to do it for you."


    13. "'No response is a response.' It quite literally isn't a response."

    14. "Anyone that has 'Entrepreneur' on their profile is someone I do not want to be around."


    15. "Wearing makeup is not a hobby."


    16. "When they add, 'sarcastic' in their bio. We get it, you're quirky, bro."

    17. "I lack attention."


    18. And finally, "Literally just holding a fish or a picture of their car. No one cares."


    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

    Is there anything you're sick of seeing in men's dating profiles? Shame it in the comments!