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    18 Times Male Authors Absolutely NAILED Writing About Women

    Raise your hand if your boobs vibrate.

    1. Ladies, who among us hasn't had our boobs twitch from time to time?

    2. Or...move in reverse?

    3. Raise your hand if you've ever thought of your boobs as "sweet":

    4. Y'know when you're crying and the tears just cling to your nipples?

    5. Ahhh yes, the elusive "reverse orgasm":

    6. What are women if not a bunch of polka-dotted nipples and female crickets?

    7. Everyone knows that all women's breasts are made of dough and their butts are made of gelatin:

    8. The perfect way for boobs to exist: nonchalantly.

    9. All good wingwomen know you gotta hype up your friend at the bar by calling them "physically attractive," right?

    10. It's true: The ovaries are just a furnace.

    11. Why can't us women just stay home with our beloved pots and pans:

    12. Remember, ladies: Don't ever get mad unless you wanna risk looking tacky.

    13. Don't you hate it when you're minding your own business and then your cleavage just...vibrates?

    14. Breasts do get sad when men aren't around. It's true:

    15. They also dance whenever there's a sick beat:

    16. Gotta love cooking, aka our main womanly instinct:

    17. Love it when I move and my boobs just "sway prettily":

    18. And finally, who can forget when your nipple magically turns into a fortress?

    h/t: r/menwritingwomen