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Men Are Answering The Questions Women Are Too Embarrassed To Ask, And They Did Not Hold Back

I, for one, learned a few things.

Sometimes in life, there may be questions you don't feel comfortable asking when it comes to the opposite sex, but never fear! Men have been answering some of these burning questions on Reddit.

Reddit user u/SecretariatGodHorse got the conversation going and asked women to share the questions they had for men but were too embarrassed to ask, and the thread quickly went viral. Here are some of the most shocking, honest, and/or wholesome responses.

Note: Just because these answers are (allegedly) from actual men, they do not speak for men as a whole. Everyone is different, and these men can only speak to their own, individual experiences.

1. "Do you like it when women (your friend or girlfriend) tell you that they feel safe around you?"


Answer: Very much so. If you want to make a man’s heart melt, you tell him that.


2. "Do you enjoy late-night chats as much as women do, or do they annoy you if they happen too often?"


Answer: "Sometimes, my wife asks me about something I'm really interested in or passionate about late at night, and I have to point out that she's knocking on the door of a two-hour PowerPoint presentation, and she's got work in the morning."


3. "How often do men want to be hugged? Does it feel clingy if a girl offers it every now and then?"


Answer: "I don’t know how many guys I speak for, but for me being hugged by a girl you’re dating or close with is like getting permission to relax and be happy.


4. "What are your thoughts on women making the first move?"


Answer: "If there's at least proof that the guy has a crush on you or at least has an interest in you, I think it's amazing that a woman would want to take charge and show how much they like someone."


5. "What does the inside of a vagina feel like?"


Answer: "In the winter, stand around in your house naked, to the point where you are uncomfortably cold. Then, pull a HUGE pile of clothes fresh out of the dryer and climb inside the pile."


6. "How much does height matter to you in terms of attraction?"


Answer: "Preferences are there, of course. However, as far as height is concerned, it’s so, so down below on the list. So much so that it’s practically impossible that I’d turn down a potential partner I’m otherwise very compatible with solely based on her height."


7. "What does it feel like to run around without underwear on? Does your penis just flop around? Does it hurt? Does the bouncing give you a boner?"


Answer: "It kinda flops around, but it doesn’t hurt, and the bouncing doesn’t give me a boner."


8. "What makes you want to commit (be exclusive or get married)? Does it have anything to do with your partner, or is it more like, 'I have to be ready within myself first'?"


Answer: "For me, it was needing to feel like I had personally matured enough to be committed. I didn’t want to commit to someone who was clearly ready to commit to me if I wasn’t ready and could somehow end up wasting their time."


9. "Is your orgasm better with oral or vaginal sex?"


Answer: "The quality of orgasm essentially has nothing to do with the medium of acquisition and everything to do with the physical and mental state I'm in.


10. "What are the big signs that a man is dangerous to be around, in your opinion? Like, the signs women might miss (either because we aren’t around when men in our lives display them, or for other reasons)?"


Answer: "If they're too clingy or a bit too controlling. Clingy can also be a sign of an awkward guy, so that’s a little harder. But if they try to control your every little move, that’s a big red flag."


Answer: "Be very wary of anyone who isn’t respectful of your desires and boundaries, and run from anyone who tries to gaslight you."


11. "How much does being punched in the balls hurt?"


Answer: "I can't compare it to anything. The actual balls don't 'hurt.' It's like this pain that shoots up into your abdomen. So, maybe taking a blunt knife and ramming it up in between your balls and anus. You know it's going to go away eventually, but for 30 good seconds you feel immense pain."


12. "Does it bother you if a girl is smarter/prettier/stronger/makes more money than you?"


Answer: "I don’t think most men would really care in these scenarios. I think it would mostly just be related to insecurity or confidence issues. Men have had this old ideology smashed into our brains that we're supposed to be the strong ones, the providers, and that we die before the women, so get to work."


13. "Do you feel like it's hard to cry or show emotion?"


Answer: "It's not hard to do, but it's easy to suppress, and I hate other people knowing about it — it's none of their business, and nothing feels worse than pity!"


14. "What does an erection feel like?"


Answer: "That depends on which type. Morning wood is a way different type than, say, a boner induced by the sexual partner. Some are super ridged and feel hot, while others feel wide and heavy. I guess some are kinda 'meh' OK then, I suppose. It has multiple personalities, I guess you could say."


15. "Is it true that you actually get random boners?


Answer: "Yes. Distressingly often as a teen, but even later on it still happens."


16. "What do women unintentionally do or say that hurts your feelings?"


Answer: "Downplaying our emotions. If a guy mentions their emotions to you, it's usually a sign of trust."


Answer: "Also, insulting men's bodies (their height, weight, penis size, etc.). It's  toxic. Women have worse body-image problems, yes, but adding to ours won't change that."


17. And finally, "Is it true that men can’t be 'just friends' with women?"


Answer: "Don't trust any man that says that. It means he isn't your friend or just playing some bizarre 'nice guy' game. Men and women can definitely be friends with no underlying conditions or attraction."


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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.