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We Wanna Know What Unpopular "Mean Girls" Opinions You Have

Should Cady have stayed mean?

Mean Girls is nothing short of an iconic piece of cinema. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.


But is it a perfect piece of cinema? Or are there things that would've made it even better?


For example, do you think the movie would have been so much funnier with Lindsay Lohan playing Regina George, aka the role she wanted in the first place?


Or do you think the final cut should've included this deleted scene where Cady and Regina reconcile at the end??

Paramount Pictures

Or do you think Janis getting with Kevin Gnapoor in the final scenes didn't fit with her personality AT ALL and shouldn't even have been a thing???


Whatever they are, we wanna know your unpopular Mean Girls opinions! Tell was what was so NOT FETCH and WHY you felt that way in the comments. Your response might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!