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15 Tweets About Brunch In LA That Prove It's An...Experience

You'll pay $18 for an avocado toast, and you'll like it.

We all love brunch. But if you've spent any time in Los Angeles between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., you know that brunch in LA is a completely different beast.


Case in point:

1. Sometimes the menus have cute little quirks:

Twitter: @titacookie1974

2. It can get a little pricey:

how can LA brunch spots call their ingredients "cruelty free" if they charge me $18 for avocado toast

Twitter: @mellissameisels

3. Like, really REALLY pricey:

Bay Area brunch Bills: $403.55 LA brunch bills: $4368.80

Twitter: @traptech1

4. And sometimes, the food is a little underwhelming:

LA brunch places will charge you $15 for something that looks like this

Twitter: @c4ssidygrace

5. Each LA neighborhood has its own brunch vibe:

at brunch in silverlake n dude next to me has a flower jus stuck into his beard and im fucking furious


6. We like to pretend we're brunching in fall even though fall doesn't exist here:

Showing up to LA brunch in 90 degree November weather.

Twitter: @brguest20 / Macall B. Polay / HBO

7. There's truly a whole *culture* surrounding it:

missing LA brunch* right now *waiting 3 hours for a table, not being seated until the full party arrives, "bottomless" mimosas with a 1 hour cap, stuffing my face in the background of instagram photos

Twitter: @crystalsug

8. And who knows, you might even have a celebrity sighting:

Some of you have never cried at brunch in Los Angeles next to Vanessa Hudgens while dining on the patio at All Time yesterday around 11:42am and it REALLY SHOWS

Twitter: @AudreysParty

9. You're never bored, that's for sure:

fun game to play at brunch in los angeles: is this a father daughter outing or are they on a date?

Twitter: @allisonblxthe

10. And the crowd is a very particular type:

me sitting at a fancy la brunch: ... i bet no one here can change a tire

Twitter: @mnysmusic

11. It's always crowded, but there's one, magical time a year when it's not:

Coachella weekend is the one time of year I feel safe enough to get brunch in Los Angeles.

Twitter: @hipstermermaid

12. There are some rules and regulations:

Am I allowed to go to brunch in Los Angeles if I'm not hungover?

Twitter: @LizHackett

13. There are also some people you're guaranteed to see:

At brunch in LA, there's always a girl who's "hashtag 'so over it'," one carefully art directing the perfect Instagram shot, and one who spills her mimosa as she drunkenly clinks champagne flutes with her friends, shouting, "GIRL POWER, BITCHES!!!"

Twitter: @Gennefer

14. But overall, we love it:

Twitter: @rejectedjokes

15. Like, REALLY love it:

Twitter: @amymarieg

Happy brunching!