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Lorde Didn't Even Flinch While Eating Some Of The Hottest Hot Wings, And The Jokes About It Are Prime

Someone get this woman a crown!

In case you didn't know, Lorde (finally) has a new album coming out called Solar Power. Stream it on Aug. 20.

And in case you ALSO didn't know, Lorde recently guest-starred on an episode of Hot Ones to promote said album, and also to just talk about her career:

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BUT that's not why we're here. We're here because throughout the entire interview, Lorde was eating probably the hottest wings on the planet, and for her, the heat was pretty big deal?!

Lorde looking completely unbothered and saying, "mmm...delicious wing"

Like, for reference, this is how other celebs have reacted to eating these wings:

idris elba choking on wings hot sauce spicy eating interview coughing licking fingers what the fuck

And this was pretty much Lorde the whole time:

Lorde saying, "That's nice."

She even DOUBLE-BIT most of her wings.

Lorde biting into her wing again and asking, "is it unwise to double bite at this point?"

And when it came time for the "last dab" portion of the interview, Lorde dabbed so much extra hot sauce on her wing, I honestly thought she might die.

Lorde slathering her final wing in extra hot sauce

But, of course, she was fine.

Lorde eating the final wing and saying, "mmm, yum!"

People on Twitter couldn't get over how Lorde handled the heat, and tbh, neither could I:

not lorde just casually enjoying eating the hottest wings with barely a flinch

Twitter: @chuuzus
Twitter: @manzuma_

Lorde eating the spicy wings on hot ones like:

Twitter: @formulalorde
Twitter: @22oversoooon
Twitter: @lordedominoes

I want to go through life like how Lorde eats the hot wings, unphased and unbothered.

Twitter: @aplotwist

lorde wrote Liability and y’all think some WINGS can hurt her ??

Twitter: @pamelurz
Twitter: @LeahEFallica

He feared or his life when he saw Lorde eating them wings

Twitter: @VEGASW0RLD

what is the astrology behind lorde’s ability to eat those wings

Twitter: @biskyrizness

In conclusion:

i actually can’t get over Lorde going on hot wings and adding extra sauce, taking double bites, eating more wings at the end, and reading the hot sauce labels for the notes of flavour. i dont think she took a sip of the water. grown men have cried on that show.

Ladies and gentleman, Lorde: onions rings queen, wing connoisseur, and Solar Power goddess. Watch the full interview below:

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