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    20 People Who Are Lazy But Also Pretty Dang Smart

    They deserve a Nobel Prize.

    1. This person who knew to shovel just enough snow to get the job done.

    occolla / Via

    2. This genius who wasn't about to sit in the kitchen waiting for his bread to cook.

    3. This person who didn't want to tire their precious arm muscles.

    4. This person who was in the mood for a ~fancy~ fast-food dinner.

    5. This person who wrapped their plate in cellophane so they wouldn't have to wash it.

    6. This guy who knows that multiple trips hauling groceries are for chumps.

    Elio_12_ / Via

    7. This scholar who wanted to play video games while also resting their neck.

    8. This person who wanted to lie in the sun but also stay hydrated.

    9. This person who wanted to make half the recipe but wasn't about to go out and buy a new pan.

    mario61752 / Via

    10. This couple who has it all figured out.

    11. This person who decided it was too hot outside to play fetch with their pupper, so they improvised.

    /mac_is_crack / Via

    12. This person who used their razor holder for a much better purpose.

    13. This person who cut down on microwaving so they could focus on what they really love: eating.

    TheTrollinator777 / Via

    14. This person who knew what their shoe rack was truly meant for.

    15. This person who decided to take out the garbage on their own terms.

    16. This super-sneaky person who decided to take a nap on the job.

    17. This person who created a LITERAL BED that comes out of a trunk (so you can lie down anywhere!).

    hana115 / Via

    18. This genius who was one battery short but didn't let that stop them.

    eran- / Via

    19. And finally, THESE TWO and their perfect lazy day...

    20. ...and night. *cries with jealousy*

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