A Woman Is Going Viral For Saying Her Kids Can't Hear Her Rant Because They're Listening To "Kidz Bop" And I'm Spent

    "Calm dowwwwnn."

    If you happened to be on Twitter the last few days, you may have noticed this woman on your feed:

    Her name is Kidz Bop Karen, or at least that's what the internet's been calling her since she went viral for ranting at a ride-share driver who allegedly cut her off in traffic, as well as his passenger, who filmed the whole thing.

    I don't wanna keep you all waiting in suspense, so here's the video in question:

    I’m so happy this version is longer.

    So as we can see, Karen* serves us some serious face while telling the driver to apologize...

    ...calls the passenger filming her a not-so-great name, then does this weird paw thing while telling her to "calm down"...

    ...and finally, when the passenger tells Karen that calling her names sets a bad example for her kids, she hits back with the comeback to end all comebacks.


    Naturally, Twitter went wild and quickly turned Karen's Sick Burn™ into a meme:

    Kidz Bop Karen went on the face journey to end all face journeys

    The kids inside Karen’s car listening to kidz Bop

    My kidz bop Karen video went viral on tiktok so I’m just gonna drop it here too lol

    mom calling kids in the car the neighboring listening to driver a bitch kidz bop

    @whykent Me jamming to the Kidz Bop cover of Old Town Road while my mom starts throwing hands with the car in front of us

    Me putting the kidz bop on because I know my moms about to call someone in the car next to us a bitch ass ho

    This is what happens to parents when they listen to Kidz Bop for more than an hour straight...

    my sleep paralysis demon waking me up with kidz bop to tell me i'm a bitch #KidzBopKaren

    Karen: They can’t hear me cause they’re listening to Kidz Bop Her kids:

    @whykent “They can’t hear me cause they’re listening to Kidz Bop”

    When the kids are listening to kidz bop

    pov: i’m her kid listening to kidz bop https://t.co/1rUk2t220V

    Hopefully Karen got where she needed to go after that and was able to jam out to some more Kidz Bop along the way.