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It's Time To Share Your Most Ridiculous "I Got Dress Coded" Story

This is your time to vent.

Although they should very much be a thing of the past, dress codes are still very prevalent in many schools across the US. And most of the time, they tend to be incredibly restrictive and sexist and really focus only on making sure female students cover their bodies so they don't "distract" male students. It's super gross and I really, really hate it.

So if you're someone who's ever been dress coded in school for an absolutely ridiculous reason, we'd like to hear from you. Maybe your school was like mine and you were constantly dress coded for showing your SHOULDERS, while all the male students at your school were able to wear tank tops with reckless abandon.

Or perhaps your school didn't allow "ripped" jeans (why?) and you got dress coded for jeans that looked like THIS:

Twitter: @caIistagarcia

Or maybe your story involved being sent to the office in the middle of class because your skirt was "too short" and "too distracting" for a MALE TEACHER (barf).

Whatever your story, share it in the comments. We want to hear your wildest and most ridiculous dress code experiences, and what made them so wild and ridiculous. Or, if you'd rather stay anonymous, fill out this form instead. We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.