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    19 "Weird Sympathies" Toward Inanimate Objects That Legit Made Me Shed A Single Tear

    Abandoned toys make me want to cry.

    When I was but a wee child, I had this little "quirk" where I assigned actual thoughts and feelings to inanimate objects. For example, whenever I went school-supply shopping, I always felt bad for the pencils and folders I didn't choose and ultimately had to "abandon" at the store.

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    I literally felt compelled to blow them a kiss as I was leaving. Why?!?

    Well, it turns out I might not actually be that weird after all! Or, at least, I'm not the only one. Reddit user u/Money_Square5734 recently asked people to share what kind of "weird sympathies" they have toward inanimate objects, and the responses are so wholesome, I can barely contain myself. Here are some of the best:

    1. "If I get pissed off at my car and call it 'a piece of shit' or something similar, I end up apologizing to it. I also try to avoid 'new car' talk while driving my current car."


    2. "When I was a kid, I spent a whole afternoon feeding pebbles to a small drain outside my house because I thought it was hungry."


    3. "Sometimes I give my car a pat on the dashboard and say 'Thank you.' It has carried me so many thousands of miles, and I am safe. I'm very appreciative of its hard work."


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    4. "I got a new cellphone not too long ago. So I transferred everything to my new phone, but I didn't turn off the old phone afterward. This happened late on a Sunday, and the next morning, my old phone still rang to wake me up. I was somewhat sad that it still thought it was my current phone and that it still had the duty to wake me in the morning."


    5. "When my plushies fall off the bed or down the side between the bed and the wall, I feel so guilty. Same as when I accidentally sit on or roll over onto one of them. My poor babies."


    6. "I have way too much emotion invested in my Roomba. I only have one charging station, so when it's running in my living room or hallway, it can never get back to base, since there's a step in the way. I usually feel guilty when I come home and find it stuck in some corner, knowing that it literally ran until exhaustion trying to find its home."



    A Roomba sucking up dirt on the floor
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    8. "I once slapped my iPad when it was being slow, then instinctively hugged it and apologized afterward. I think we’re okay now, but the level of trust definitely isn’t what it used to be."


    9. "I feel bad for computers when someone's throwing a fit or tantrum over something like a game lag, buffering, or general software issues. Like, get angry at the real cause, not the hardware that's essentially just the messenger."


    10. "I hate seeing abandoned toys. I guess, in general, I just feel so bad for any inanimate object that's no longer serving its purpose."


    An abandoned teddy bear in the road
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    11. "I'm always friendly to nonplayer characters in the video games that I'm playing because they're probably going through some tough times already without me making it worse. I can't stand playing an evil character."


    12. "Sometimes I feel bad for the fruit and vegetables that spent months growing, only for me to buy them and then let them rot and go uneaten because I can't adult and actually eat them. That's their whole purpose in life. What was it all for?"


    13. "If I see a really ugly plush toy at a thrift store, I feel compelled to buy it because I feel like it will just get thrown away. So now I have quite a few ugly plushies. I love them."



    14. "I always see faces in the cars that drive by. Some car brands have 'angry' faces, while others are friendlier."


    15. "When my phone says 'Connect your charger' and I click 'OK' and then don't connect the charger at once, I feel bad for lying to it."


    16. "I buy the ugliest pumpkin I can find for Halloween because I don't want it to be left out. Every year, this special pumpkin is named Lumpy. If I feel compelled, I also buy the nicest one I can find — like everyone else — and give Lumpy a girlfriend."



    17. "My friend once dropped a single piece of pasta into the sink by accident while making dinner. She felt sorry for it being lonely on its own and put another piece in beside it."


    18. "I feel bad for car parking spaces. Like, if one car pulls out and another goes in, it's like it's being used too much and not given a chance to 'recover.' Ugh, the shame."


    19. And finally, "I always make sure my trash has a 'friend.' I’ll put a chocolate bar wrapper in a chip bag and fold it up tight so they don’t lose each other."



    Can you relate to any of this??? Tell us if you have any odd feelings or sympathies toward inanimate objects in the comments below. I'm off to go cuddle my neglected stuffed animals.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.