People Are Calling This Weird Ice Cream Combo "Life Changing," So I Decided To Try It

    Ice cream, olive oil, and WHAT?!

    There's not a soul among us who doesn't enjoy ice cream, right?

    But this TikTok posted by @himynameissherrie officially has everyone freaking out with its (TBH) pretty weird combo of vanilla ice cream, olive oil, and Himalayan pink sea salt:


    It’s a family portion, okay? @fashionlush changed my life. ##weirdfoodcombo ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - fashionlush

    It uses audio from this TikTok, and @himynameissherrie says in the caption that the OP @fashionlush "changed [their] life" with this combo. Pretty high praise, if you ask me.

    It's created quite a stir on TikTok. Some people are dueting it in complete and utter shock and disgust...



    ♬ original sound - fashionlush

    ...while others are actually trying it and saying it's pretty good!


    ##duet with @himynameissherrie no cap this shit slaps

    ♬ original sound - fashionlush

    I'll be honest: this combo did not seem good to me AT ALL, but I was also mega curious. So I decided to get the supplies and try it for myself.

    I assembled the bowl as instructed...

    ...and then it was time for the moment of truth!

    I'll admit that on the first bite I was a little...confused by the flavors. The olive oil and vanilla ice cream paired surprisingly well together, but the pink sea salt was very, very jarring in my opinion. I think I was also hoping that the flavor combo would straight-up blow my mind, and that just didn't happen.

    BUT something I'll also admit is that I finished the entire bowl! With each bite, it got more and more addicting. I could definitely see this being a favorite among fans of salty and sweet flavor combos, emphasis on the salty. I think the key is knowing how much salt you can handle, and then not overdoing it when you dust it onto the ice cream.

    In the end, I got to eat ice cream for breakfast, so I'm not complaining!!! Here's to being an adult addicted to TikTok in quarantine.

    Would you try this viral ice cream combo? Let us know in the comments below!