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    People Are Losing Their Minds Over Hot Cocoa Bombs And Honestly, Same

    Watching them crack and explode is like ASMR.

    It's officially fall, which means it's time to get cozy, and y'know what getting cozy means? Lotsa cups of hot cocoa.

    Hallmark Channel

    And I just found out there's a thing called hot cocoa bombs, which are nothing short of mesmerizing and I need one immediately.

    As you can see, TikTok user @stephanieevaann puts the bomb (aka a yummy sphere made of chocolate) into the mug...

    @stephanieevaann / Via

    ...and pours over some warm milk.

    @stephanieevaann / Via

    It begins to melt and crack...

    @stephanieevaann / Via

    ...and then BOOM! Marshmallows! Chocolate! A perfect cup of cocoa!!!

    @stephanieevaann / Via

    Cancel all my plans, I just wanna sit here and watch cocoa bombs explode.


    @cocoacreations / Via

    Name something more cozy and satisfying, I'll wait!!!

    I need one in every flavor.

    @lovemeetssugar / Via

    Seriously, just take my money.

    If this doesn't make you wanna curl up in your chunkiest sweater and just watch the seasons change, I don't know what will.


    If you're as obsessed with seeing these baby's ~crack~ as I am, they're apparently available at Costco. There's also a ton of local and indie sellers on Etsy. Happy cocoa bombing!

    Katy Perry / Via