27 Diagrams That Make Going Vegan Way More Approachable

    Here's everything you need, from cooking and baking swaps to super-simple recipes.

    1. This chart that will help you make a super-simple vegan meal no matter what you have in the fridge.

    2. These small changes that can help you get started without becoming overwhelmed.

    3. This food pyramid that helps you actually visualize what (and how much) you should incorporate into a vegan diet.

    4. These six versatile plant-based proteins.

    5. And even more plant-based proteins for when those six don't cut it!

    6. This gloriously simple and clear egg substitute chart.

    7. This nutritional comparison between chicken and chickpeas.

    8. And this comparison between eggs and tofu.

    9. This handy guide to creating four different types of vegan hummus.

    10. These vegan nutrition sources that provide not only protein, but also iron and calcium.

    11. These vegan deodorants that will keep you smelling fresh, no animal products required.

    12. These vegan snacks that have your back whether you're craving something sweet or something savory.

    13. And this meal prep that will have you eating vegan for days on end.

    14. These easy vegan swaps that are the perfect place to start when vegan-izing your kitchen.

    15. This handy guide to budget-friendly vegan foods.

    16. These vegan ratios for omega-3 and omega-6, because it's not just about where you get your iron and protein.

    17. These vegan pre-workout suggestions.

    18. These five simple food swaps even non-vegans can try.

    19. These vegan hacks for some of your favorite comfort foods.

    20. This vegan grocery list that will make your next trip to the supermarket a breeze.

    21. These vegan bags that encourage cruelty-free fashion.

    22. These vegan sauces you'll want to drizzle on everything.

    23. These cookies from popular brands that are actually vegan, for when you want to treat yourself.

    24. This simple recipe for dairy-free "ice cream" you can whip up at home.

    25. These vegan dairy swaps so you can have your yogurt and eat it too.

    26. These vegan cheeses you can sub in for dairy cheese.

    27. Or this simple three-step recipe for making your own!

    Remember: Going vegan doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming.