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    Apr 29, 2020

    22 S.O.'s Who Went Above And Beyond For Their Partners In Quarantine

    Love is real.

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    1. This expensive but much needed movie date...

    My wife “took” me on a date to the movies. It was stupid cute and VERY expensive. 💜

    2. ...and this very, VERY authentic movie date:


    My husband surprised me with a movie theater date night 😭 ##datenight ##quarantinelife ##husbandgoals

    ♬ tongue tied - CAGEMATES

    3. This husband who took his wife whale watching even though their cruise got canceled:

    4. This husband who treated his wife to a little dine-in hibachi:

    My husband is so creative 😭 Since we couldn’t go out for our Anniversary, he brought the restaurant to me with Hibachi tonight ❤️

    5. This date night that included everything but the ice cream machine:

    My boyfriend made me a Chopped inspired date night ✨

    6. This husband who was all too happy to walk his bride down the aisle (aka the driveway) again and again:

    7. This man who wasn't about to let his fiancé miss her bachelorette party:


    Covid cancelled my bachelorette party so my fiancé put on some girl clothes and threw me a brunch in our living room😭 ##fyp ##fypage ##foryourpage

    ♬ We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

    8. This creative who went above and beyond to help his wife achieve her fitness goals:

    My Wife: I need some light dumbbells to use for quarantine workouts but practically everywhere has sold out. Me: ... 😂

    9. This classy AF anniversary dinner:

    My parents quarantine anniversary dinner 😫😍🥺

    10. This couple who decided to live màs™:

    Hey @tacobell thank you for the rooftop quarantine anniversary dinner. We may have both lost our jobs bc of ~corona~ but at least we have the bell.

    11. This romantic bistro on wheels:

    Had a lovely date night in the van tonight 😊

    12. This fiancé saw that his person was struggling to focus, so he made her her own, personal workspace:

    I haven’t been able to focus on my studies as much bc quarantine so my fiancé put this together so I can achieve my goals 🥺 when I tell you an angel is always by my side I mean it. #blessed #loml

    14. This legend who re-created his fiancé's favorite bar so they could get lit at home:

    haven’t been able to go to our favorite bar in a while bc of quarantine, so my fiancé (@Savage_PB) surprised me and brought the bar to me 😭@cincitinroof @LexTinRoof

    15. This guy who channeled his inner Dwight to throw his wife a quarantine graduation party:

    My wife busted her butt for years to finish nursing school this year, but the school year ended with a whimper because of quarantine. No graduation ceremony. So I threw her a mini graduation party, with presents, her favorite cakes, and most importantly, this sign I made.

    16. This adorable dinner invite:

    Thanks for accepting my quarantine date babe ❤️

    17. This husband who turned the attic into a magical getaway for his wife and his 18th wedding anniversary:

    18. This much deserved PhD celebration:

    What a day! Had my PhD viva today in my front room at home via Zoom! #quarantine feels surreal to have finally completed the last hurdle in achieving my doctorate! Thanks to my lovely husband Ed for throwing me a post viva party at home! ❤️🐶🎉😀🍾🥳 #Zoomviva

    19. This girl whose boyfriend had her feelin' 22:

    mini quarantine party my boyfriend planned for me💕🥺

    20. This quarantine garden golf:

    Keeping busy during quarantine with home made Garden Crazy Golf for a saturday date night. @BBCR1 providing the tunes and thank you @gregjames for the idea from one of your listeners!!!

    21. This elaborate and romantic backyard anniversary dinner:

    My boyfriend set this up for our one year anniversary and it left me speechless 🥺❤️

    22. And finally, this supportive husband who stayed by his wife's side until she was able to cycle again:

    So my wife Heather hadn’t been able to ride her bike since having her sternum broken in a car crash 5 years ago (balance issues) - she made it her goal during #Covid_19 quarantine to get back to cycling. Took many attempts but she did it. So proud of her. #HamOnt #NeverGiveUp

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